Friday, 12 February 2010

St. Valentines Day reclaimed...... or exposed.... sort of!

We all are born into a conditioned and conditioning society that is NOT what we were a or are naturally expecting. 

Everyone has difficulties fitting into this rather rigid society. Some more than others. Those others lives are made that much worse for not fitting in, by sole virtue of the many sanctions that litter society, that live in so many well adjusted peoples minds....

earth circus banner adorns the wall of a liberated builidng

The Honest Expression Personal Meaning is deemed a form of heresy.

Sexuality is one area where the personal lived experience and it's meaning is most often clouded over, obscured and denied ... and where societal imposed values reign... even when 'rebellion' is evident, it is quite often merely a rejection of stricture, rather than an honest confrontation of meaning, value and experience....

I speak for myself. 

As a natural man, who has journeyed through the conditioning and played all the parts congruent within that reality, I see that the menstrual cycle is so not honoured, is not seen as a source of information, of life, but most often as a problem (pregnancy and the bleeding.... ) and treated as such. 

In fact most of womanhood is rigidly ring-fenced by societal forces, so much so that I feel despair when faced with claims of how liberal the west is compared to whatever 'tribe' or 'sect' or otherwise is offered up as proof of just how liberal the developed world is. A world that is unable to stop a super power invading a country and killing hundreds of thousands of children...? 

None so blind as those who refuse to see.

I see all this as part of a larger widespread conditioned misogyny. 

Mothers who work full-time while pregnant, with 2/6 months or so for labour, early weaning and then back to work set as the role model, along side the air brushed working 'babe' as her single counterpart...

Motherhood is unpaid, rarely mentioned as an economic flow, never acknowledged for the profound impact so many mothers have on their children in spite of what society throws at both of them..... and at the same time mothers are blamed for so much! 

The situation parents are placed in, and who or what forces directly control the situation, from near or far, is never discussed in any detail or with any empathy for the outcomes for the natural child.

And underlying that misogyny is a fear of children. Really. 

The blank slate. The wilful child. Satan makes work for idle hands.... discipline MUST be taught!

Look at the world and see just how carefully, how deeply children's lives are being monitored, controlled, measured, graded and directed... it's not 'care'.... it's a business, the business of incarceration, indoctrination ...

And within all that live we men and women. And our primary data is our experience and what it means in context of the situation of power we find ourselves in. Our histories, our feelings, our learnings.

Our exploration, if honest, will lead us to the naturally implicit treasures of being, and from that place our sexuality as well as many other areas of our lives will inform as much as entertain ... and thus be connected to life processes, those that make life itself both possible and desirable.

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