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Manuals of Instruction : Black Pedagogy

Black Pedagogy : the process of instilling a social superego in the child, to construct a basic defence against natural drives in the child's psyche, to toughen the child for later life, and to instrumentalise the body parts and senses in favor of socially defined functions…

What many people do not know is that there is written evidence going back many thousands of years regarding concrete knowledge on the processes of imposing the adult worlds will upon the natural child, to the extent that it can be called a scientific approach, mediated intentionally by adults, and carried out in the name of Institutions such as Churches, Crowns, Rulers, Governance and Education.

"Give me the child until 7, and I will show you the man!"

The simplest way to describe the origins of such practice emerge from looking at the reality; that those who hold power wish always to pass that power over to those who will continue to exercise power over others in order to preserve that power indefinitely.

They will want, of course to KNOW that they can trust those to whom they pass that power to, that the power they so assiduously built over their lifetime, that they may have inherited, will expand and not dilute.

In order to do this, they have to certain about the psychology of those to whom the power is passed..

That certainty is the certainty of the ‘trainer’ with regard to the ‘tamed’.

A mental Exercise - Imagine

If you are the Leader, and have gained your power by abuse, inheritance or guile you will want to teach you children to follow suit; they will have to be as manipulative, as well versed in human psychology, as willing to be coercive as you were in your rise to power and your maintenance of that power.

If you co-operate with other rulers to retain power over large territories, this knowledge will be shared, and it will be applied, and any new learning or observation will be recorded and added to the knowledge, will become part of the literature and behaviour that is black pedagogy – because power is coercive it always meets resistance, and the resistance always learns new ways to resist, so the rulers are forced to ever study the forms and manifestations of resistance and devise and test new methods to quell that resistance or at least neutralise it.

As pesticides to ‘pests’ and herbicides to ‘weeds’ ….

An example in modern times….

Understand that the use of Ritalin and other similar drugs correlates exactly with the banning of corporal punishment in schools - it replaces violence as the extreme way of controlling those natural children who react against the impositions inherent in compulsion schooling. Exams and targets are the less extreme mechanism of control... less extreme in that they are designed to encourage acquiesence rather than compliance.

By saying that the children’s behaviour is ‘caused’ by some chemical imbalance, the locus of investigation and ‘blame’ is moved away from societal causes of distress or resistance.

The problem is that the parents have to investigate their own adverse childhood experiences a necessary and separate task to the actuality of day to day parenting, and to learn ways to avoid adverse power dynamics in the day to day parenting experience with their own children so that they can 'get out of the child's way' in his or her natural development.

That requires some basic understanding of the natural child, the dynamics of controlling others to protect oneself from hidden wounds and the suppressed feelings associated with power relationships.

The problem for parents is they have to accept what for most parents is most difficult: that they have been 'set up' by society and are not to be blamed or shamed for this, but must yet face it.

The good news is that children who are allowed their natural development will help the parents by being a natural and actual source of experience and information that helps the parents recognise where they are blocking or controlling their children to ward off awareness of their own wounds... and then the parent can take time to reflect on their own experience and heal it by working through to their original natural child perspective

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