Friday, 16 April 2010

Open letter in response to Hans Kung's Letter to The Catholic Bishops

To The Editors and Correspondents of the Press,

Hans Kung has the courage and the compassion to very publicly reach out, and respond to the pain, grief and cries of the victims of Institutional Abuses perpetrated from within The Roman Catholic Church, in face of direct opposition from the Authority of The Pope. In his letter to all the Catholic Clergy, he calls on ALL Catholic Clergy to come forward in response to the needs of the victims, to openly reject any obstruction to the dual requirements of full open accountability and justice.

Who amongst the Legal and Governmental Authorities of Ireland, Canada and elsewhere has that same courage?

Time and time again, public pronouncements are made by the Irish Government as to their willingness to deal  openly with the Historical Abuses, to give their full support to the surviving victims in their efforts to tell their stories and to at last seek some healing; and yet, time and time again, legalistic and other means are used to inhibit individuals and groups seeking acknowledgement of the crimes perpetrated against them, to thwart open accountability of all those who took part, be they clergy or laity,  to avoid justice and fair reparation for the victims, whose wounds are not so easily healed, whose lives have been blighted through no fault of their own, for whom compensation is less important than understanding, compassion and recognition that their symptoms say more about the abusers and the Institutions entrusted with their care than they do about the victims.

It is time now that all adults of all those communities concerned took their responsibilities to the community and to the children with the seriousness and urgency they deserve, and behave as mature and responsible people.

To not do so sends a terrible message to all our youth, and leaves the living survivors of these widespread Institutional abuses languishing in unspeakable pain, compounded confusion and an abiding aching grief for their lost childhoods.

To not do so is to remain, or in cases of genuine innocence, become complicit in these crimes.

I speak as a victim, as one whose childhood was obliterated by the adults entrusted with my care.

Kindest regards

Corneilius Crowley


Kindest regards


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corneilius said...

My song from the perspective of the natural child, calling on all our natural wisdom, for action on behalf of all natural children..

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a great response. God bless!