Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Open Letter to The Irish People from a Survivor, regarding the IMF deal.

Just as the Irish Government indemnified The Vatican against ruinous litigation that threatens it as a result of it’s officers endemic abuse and betrayal of children for over 80 years, a crime so large and so lengthy that it defies comprehension, so to they are indemnifying the Irish Banking Sector, the European Central Bank and it’s investors (who hold assets worth 20 trillion euro, which is 5000 times the Irish DGP) for what is reckless behaviour, and as we see, abusive in character.

The victims are being punished for the crimes of their abusers.

Ireland’s people, you must awaken to the facts; there is pattern here, you have been abused in one way or another for many hundreds of years. Abusers always justify their abuse, and always post facto rationalise their decisions.

They have their apologists, of course. Those whose livelihoods are entwined with the abusers will resist being made to face the reality of their relationship with power. Media, Banking, Civil Service Mandarins and others who ‘lobby’ for their own personal gain – Unions who limit their protest to the issue of wages are an example, as are the mainstream charities who refuse to confront the abuses of Government face on.

People of Ireland, You cannot avoid facing this truth. You MUST not. To do so is to place your own children in jeopardy.

You must confront the abuser and stop any further abuses from taking place.

This means that you must also inform yourselves as to the means, methods and manipulations of the abuser, you must understand in detail how you have been abused, and how you have ‘adapted’ to that abusive status quo – for they who represent Power and The Status Quo will not let go voluntarily, and will not hand themselves in for indictment. Remorse is rare in their circles. And those who simply push them aside will repeat the same patterns, for such is the nature of centralised Power.

Evidence for this is everywhere, not least in The Vatican or the HQ of AIB.

To do all this will entail effort on your part, and perhaps some discomfort, and it will be an effort that will be necessary to sustain for some time. Such is the role of any parent.

You must separate yourselves completely from the abuser, and render the abuser to the Criminal Justice System for indictment, trial and conviction where the evidence supports it.

And by doing this you will re-assert your right to DECIDE at the grass roots the future path of Ireland as a PEOPLE. You cannot leave it to merely voting for people over whom you have no Power once they are in Office as in days of old.

Participative Democracy is perhaps the best way forward, and is technically easy to achieve with a well educated and diverse population. It means that Power resides at the grass roots, and that the National and local Government and Civil Service sectors obey the grass roots and facilitate the needs of the grass roots. It means that lobby ends, that the party whip, which is fundamentally anti-democratic is abolished. It means that every adult gets involved, and that the voices and lived of the most vulnerable, be they child or adult is also taken into consideration and informs decision making.

I wish for Governance by the most vulnerable, to set the tone of a future Ireland, where children are not abused by priests, where people are not abused by deprivation, where greed is treated as the ugliness that it is, where Society and Community and Environment are truly peaceful, empathic and sustainable.

It can be done; it doesn’t have to be the way it has been.

Kindest regards


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