Friday, 18 January 2013

Nurturant Biology

 'Natural Humans Beings' is one thing. Adapted to Oxytocin. Peace.

'Conditioned/traumatised Human Beings' is another thing. Adapted to Cortisol. Stress.

Each will give up a different emergent Societal Modality.

Or a spectrum of Societal Modes,

Egalitarian, Empathic towards ever more Hierarchially Violent.

Natural Humans Beings is one thing. Adapted to Oxytocin. Mother Child bonding.

Conditioned/traumatised Human Beings is another thing. Adapted to Cortisol. Stress. Indoctrination, War.

Nature undoubtedly tends towards resolution of problems. Oxytocin. Dopamine. Serotonin.

It's in our nature. It takes time.

The wounds are deep, and everywhere.

I TRUST the innate biology of myself, of all of us,

it has immense wisdom, bio-logic.

The natural self healing, the natural flow towards maturity and nurturing .....

is in everything alive! Or is alive in everything ....


rather than instructions or explicit directions, 

I have found that supportive discourse does help the individual 

to make his or her own pathway, 

using their own inner resources 

and receiving those they may find on the path,

through meeting brothers, sisters, one's recognised family of life

... and seeing all paths connected,

as each path is itself interwoven with all life,

thus there is plenty enough for all to thrive.

And we ARE in it together.

Kindest regards


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