Sunday, 5 May 2013

Syria, the failure of the Institution of The State. Does it have to be this way?

The system of States, Nation States as we know them,  as legislative entities, as ratifiers of International Treaties and as maintainers of both The Law and The Peace are abject failures. They make Laws yet they refuse to obey them, or ensure they are obeyed. They do no preventative work. It's a charade.

What is happening in Syria is so clearly immoral, illegal, horrific on all sides.

And it's getting worse.

However as 'it' - the actions of gun-men and of statesmen and biased 'reporting' - is politically motivated..

That makes a difference. It's justified.

Struggle for liberation. Defence of The State.

And the statesman and pundits will proclaim that one side is proven to be far more immoral than the other (which is the subtext that sells the war) and that's all that anyone needs to know or think about the matter.

No negotiation is what that means.

The rest is just business.

The idiot Statesmen, the absurd 'civil servants' send in the Israeli's on airstrikes, arm the rebels, and 'win' the war only in terms of ousting the legal and constitutional Administration, - the Objective - and again, the gun men will take over civil control, with 'democracy' no-where in sight, other than this kind of violence harms all of Syrian's people. It is nothing less than collective punishment by both sides, by all gun-men.

Change of gunmen. Privatise the gun-men. Job done. Iraq. Afghanistan. Libya. Egypt. Same old, same old. There IS a pattern here.

This pattern suggest strongly that the current paradigm and actions of Governance are failures, because all of this is avoidable, preventable .... once might be accidental...
That fact that some aspects of Governance does do *some* good, in *some* places does not mitigate the impact, with regard to these patterns, which are continuing, upon lovely ordinary citizens, families, villages, etc etc who are  living where the gun-men are engaged in live fire street war with a State Army.

Imagine that kind of violence outside on your street? I shudder to imagine, to think on that. And I cannot turn from it and ignore it. It is more truth about Syria for me than anything written about it, or on the public record, or in Academia....

I feel that the Political State is a failure, and I am only saying this because it needs to be said. It is the way it is, and it is sad.

And please understand that it's not about the State, it's about that FAILURE. The impact.

It's even more about the lives of all those who die violently, who are injured and otherwise traumatised in these patterns, these cycles. The objective is that no such experience could be considered under any circumstance within the State system.

That's the only sane and honest objective. That then would determine how peace is approached.

The State infrastructure could of course be used for ensuring peace through negotiations, which is not impossible, if they are genuinely transparent, and include full participation of the people as a collective, local and national. A dream, perhaps?

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