Monday, 31 March 2014

Mother's Day, and the ultimate political challenge!

Christianity dis-empowers the Mother. So too most Political power systems active today.

God is male and has no partner. 'He' has no Origin, no birthing, no Mother. He does not 'need'.

This is the idealised psychopathic male - total control over all, impervious, invulnerable.

I strongly feel that these kinds of Religions or ideologies are outcomes of unresolved trauma, a form of PTSD that has become the 'norm' over time, and has been Institutionalised...

If ten people with unresolved trauma issues create a social structure, it will have that psychology built into it and it will express or articulate that psychology by it's processes, in it's aims and intent, and in it's outcomes.

ALL the structures of Power that we have today have their origins in psycho-pathological social structures that have emerged over history.

The Department of Defence. We have no Department of Peace, no ministry of conflict resolution.
The Vatican is a Power structure much more than it is a spiritual structure, or a temple...

If those ten people who have unresolved trauma issues start families and they have children, then aspects of the adults psychology will be taken up by the children, to greater or lesser degree.. this is intergenerational trauma patterning.. the trauma remains unresolved, the patterns continue to be passed on as 'normal'.

If the children are put through a rigorous conditioning process known as 'State Education' or 'Private Education', both of which are social structures created by people whose unresolved trauma issues permeate those systems, and they fail to recognise and then deal with the unresolved trauma issues, then the patterning will go deeper, because the experience of 12 years in such a social setting will leave it's mark, and one of those marks will be the neurological pathways associated with the assumptions, and the internalisations of the systems values, which are mostly PTSD based.

These children will become adults who see the unresolved trauma state as 'normal'. They will continue to build this into their lives, and they will continue to support  the normalisation of PTSD values...

And in all of this it is considered 'normal' that Mothers work is unpaid, unmentioned in economic scales, ignored in political power plays and undermined by primary economic assumptions such as both parents need to be in debt and need to be working to pay of the debt to fit in to the 'home ownership demographic' - the 'value' to the system of that indebtedness supersedes the value of mothering. This is blatantly an insanity. It's profoundly unhealthy.
Nurture is the only pathway through all of this.


Let's make it more than a once yearly, coy, sly nod to Motherhood. Let's put mothering at the centre, with the welfare of the children , now and for generations to come at the VERY centre, the core of our culture.

It's EASY to wish Happy Mothers Day, and so many cards, flowers etc make it a commercial venture - yet to do the HARD WORK of mothering, or to bring THAT to the core of our Society whether one is male or female is to challenge EVERY THING we are given, every ideology and religion, every known economic system, at the most profound level of all - the reality of nurture. The lived experience. The day-to-day life.

Who has the 'balls' for this work?

Who is mature enough to stand with ALL the mothers in daily action?

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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