Monday, 11 August 2014

Palestine and Israel : a glib psycho analysis.

Gaza : a psycho analysis.

1. The situation is akin to an abusive family dynamic.

2. The Powerful and Wrathful Parent (Israel) dominates the lives of 2 children (Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank).

3. One child (Gaza) resists and complains, and the complaints are ignored. When the child complains too loudly, the parent beats the child. With a stick. And sometimes sends him to bed without any food.

4. When the child gets frustrated, and gets an opportunity, the child slaps the parent on the knee. (Militants)

5. The parent then hits the child full force with a fist to the face. (IDF Militarized Air, Sea and Land Attack on Gaza)

Child flies across the room. Bloody nose. Broken wrist.

  "Look at what YOU made me do!" The Dad screams at the child, as the mother (USA/UK) enters the room.

6. Mother (USA/UK) shouts at child "Stop annoying your Dad! it' s your own fault he beats you! Obey him! He means well! (Israel is a 'Democracy'). Mother tends to child's wounds. (Charity).

7. This situation is also a mirror of what is laughingly called Western Democracy, ie; the Power Relationships of Governance, and the relative position of the ruled, and to be fair, it is a mirror of most State Power Dynamics. It is at it's very core, the basis of all Empire logic.

8. The other children (West Bank) in the family adapt to the situation, scapegoat the abused child, pretend the family is healthy, and keep their heads down.

One or two of the other children or cousins, living next door, (Arab nations) accuse the Dad of brutality, behind his back, when talking to the abused child... but do not confront Dad. That would be too scary.

9. In other families the children have learned how to placate the abusive parent. They conform. (the western electorate) The send sweets to the abused child. (Charity) to ease their conscience.

This is what is happening, at an Institutional level. Sort of.

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