Wednesday, 24 September 2014

It's always worth studying leaders childhoods to see what patterns emerge.

It's fairly obvious to see the psychological projection and disassociation in David Cameron's public speeches about war, IS, Libya, and terrorism in general.

For example, on the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teens which became the pretext for the most recent Military assault on Gaza.
'This was an appalling and inexcusable act of terror perpetrated against young teenagers. Britain will stand with Israel as it seeks to bring to justice those responsible.'
But when have Obama or Cameron ever condemned the killing of Palestinian youths or children by Israelis in this vehement way? (from

There are parts of his psyche, formed from the experiences of his early infancy and Eton etc, that he has shut away within himself - the fagging, the violence, the bullying, the hatred, the submission and affiliation with the more powerful 'inmates' and the cultured arrogance that he dare not admit to himself, let alone to the public, yet these experiences live within him, unresolved, unhealed and he projects them onto others so that he can 'manage' his own wounded feelings, his wounded sense of self.

He will say today that that experience was 'formative'. Many of his ilk do likewise. "It made me the man I am!"
To survive in this environment, the psyche of the child has to become deeply manipulative, and his behaviour, along with the behaviour of the established press, which is governed largely by ex-public school alumni, in the recent Scots referendum on Independence shows this quite clearly. When this psychology emerges in a Political leader with real material power to inflict harm, it becomes incredibly dangerous.
Likewise with regard to Obama and his early childhood. Adolf Hitler. Take your pick.
It's always worth studying leaders childhoods to see what patterns emerge.
This is not to offer any of those who exercise power and wage war an excuse - it is rather to attempt to gain an understanding of WHY they behave as they do, of the cultural social psychological backdrop within which such a dysfunctional psychology emerges in statistically significant numbers, and to help parents at the grass roots of society and elsewhere to regain empathy for children, and not least for themselves as children growing up in such a culture, as a social movement that leads to the emergence of empathic power as a shared and caring sense of responsibility towards each other. As a basic marker of biological human biological health.
European culture has been on this trajectory of slowly recovering from this trauma cycle for some centuries, and it will take some more time to complete the process. This is scant comfort for those who are at the receiving end of powers brutalities.... it does nothing to diminish the reality of the concrete experience of oppression perpetuated by Power.
It does however speak to the deepest nature of the human spirit, the reality of optimal human biological health as a fundamental and the need for action that is threaded into a long term perspective as well as dealing with the immediate concerns... these two go together.

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