Thursday, 23 April 2015

The central question of power - your choice.

A more humane approach threatens the old paradigm of political power, which operates on the private assumption of exercising Power over the people they claim publicly to serve.

A person centred approach would have made the Invasion of Iraq impossible to conceive, let alone actuate. A person centred approach would preclude western support and tolerance of the Saudi Wahabist head chopping Regime, or western
 support for Saddam that put him in Power in the first instance.

A person centred approach would have inhibited any cover up of the activities of Savile, Smith or Janner, and indeed would have dealt with those as the first signs, or allegations of abuse, emerged.

Voting for others to make a decision is not a genuine exercise of democracy, at least not in the classical Greek sense, nor in the manner the 5 Nations, both of whom are quoted as sources of Western Democracy and Federalism.

The modern Democracy is a sham – an illusion designed to give power over the people to a self selecting elite, and it demands the infantilisation of the electorate: in as much as a mother or father will make all the decisions affecting an infants life, and the infant has no power.

A toddler might play one parent off the other, to effectively give that power to his or her preference, yet still the toddler has no real power.

Is this what you want?

Is this what you are willing to accept, and all that goes with it : Iraq, Libya, corruption,  institutional cover-ups of horrific child abuse by powerful people?

To remain infantalised, in real political terms?

Or are you willing to mature, as The Power Inquiry suggested many millions of UK citizens are?

The choice IS yours!

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