Thursday, 7 May 2015

Ancient 21st Century Skills: optimal human biological health

21st Century Skills : This list was posted by a friend, on face book, without the comments after the colon...

Those are mine.

problem solving, : not taught in schools

analytical thinking, : not taught in schools

systems-thinking : not taught in schools

credibility and judgment of information : not taught in schools

technology fluencies : only taught in terms of consumerism, in schools

the ethics of fair play : taught in schools, yet not applied, oracticed in a meaningful manner, and so a sense of basic injustice and outrage is common in all school leavers, they sense the hypocrisy but find it difficult to pin it down.

collaboration in cross-functional teams : not taught in schools

accessing knowledge networks : not taught in schools beyond the limits of approved texts.

Compulsory Indoctrination masquerading as Education ... is a real problem, and we are seeing the symptoms of that problem across this election, and in many other places...  I don't blame the indoctrinated, I blame the intentional indoctrinators,they know what they are doing.

problem solving, : identifying the problem, critical thinking, access to reliable data, testing of solutions, responding to new information

analytical thinking, : critical thinking, sourcing data, questioning assumptions, avoiding opinion
systems-thinking : being able to investigate and describe accurately how systems function, or how they are dysfunctional

credibility and judgment of information : comparing data sources, access to and understanding of research methodologies, assessment of outcomes, observation of what is

technology fluencies : understanding what is being used, what is available, the limitations of extant tech, what is appropriate

the ethics of fair play : self empathy, empathy for others, and a sense of humane responsibility, do no harm

collaboration in cross-functional teams : how to work with others who have experience in different areas, and how to learn from others within a diverse group, when the need arises.

accessing knowledge networks : knowing where to search for information, knowing where to find people who are skilled in any given area, feeling centred enough to approach those with the knowledge

These are all skills a healthy Aboriginal child in a healthy human community would have developed by the age of physical maturity, when they are ready to become parents.

That these skills are largely inhibited, limited, ignored or avoid in compulsory schooling says a lot more about schools actuall function in this Hierarchcially Violent Society, and we can all see how they impact each generation of parents, who send their children to schools to learn the same lessons, to submit, to obey, to fall into line, even as they love their children, as they assuredly do.

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