Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mothers Day. Why only one a year?

Mothers Day. Why only one a year?

Mothers Day.

Thank you Mother.

For everything you were able to share, and for what you were unable to share, for bearing your own loss whilst still holding me, despite all the wounds you endured and the social power setting within which you and our shared mother line has borne so much oppression, for so long.

Thank you Motherhood.

Bless you mothers who do so much that is taken for granted, whilst being subjected to a stream of judgmental propaganda, whilst your situations are being deliberately made more stressful.

Bless You!

All of you!

My gratitude knows no bounds...

Thank you. 2 billion mothers... 2.254.365.221 MOTHERS.

And this : The social power system has to change and meet the true needs of optimally healthy human parenting as a primary mission of de-pollution, of ecological recovery, of sustainable human development. Sooner or later. One way or another.

We need a MOTHERS movement! Everyone is involved!

That is our job.

The rest of us.Mothers Day....

Why only one a year?  Why so mean?

I feel appalled when I observe the hypocrisy of the institutional social systems behaviour towards healthy empathic parenting and towards the children of the nation. From the Vatican to Savile, from recruiting the youth of the poor for war to drugging millions of children into a more compliant state, it is all an assault on both mother and child, which are at the very heart of our human biological and experiential realities that tears us all to pieces.

And what is torn apart is in each case, so precious a life, so exquisite a being, so vulnerable and alive and the tearing of that and the pain caused is in every case an abomination, a negation of the womb, a psychotic dead-end. 

Mothers Day.

Syrian Mothers Day.

Palestinian Mothers Day.

Bullied Mothers Day.

Blame it all on the mothers day, every other day. It's somebody's fault, rather than it's a systemic disease state that the power system engenders, deliberately.

Natural Expectations, rather than cultural assumptions.

Empathy, compassion, vision, a long time line, a desire to nurture and the wisdom to be able to do so in many varied ways, as varied as language group or topography or climate dynamics... these are the qualities I write about in my book, that I attempt to describe as being bio-logical - meaning in the logic the we see emerging from within dynamic living ecosystems of biologically optimally healthy organisms : "Natural Child, Natural Society : both are cause and effect."

And I describe how those qualities are undermined over time when unresolved trauma leads to intergenerational behaviour patterns associated with the need to control others in order to mask a loss of sense of security, and how these behaviour patterns become institutionalised throughout history, and their justifications then inhabit the core of the cultures permitted thinking and analysis as sacred fact.

Mothers Day.

A flower is an expectation of a bug, and of the day and night sequence, and of creative potential in it's role in procreation and as a food source.
A child is also an expression of a set of biologically entrained expectations which if met, leads to the emergence of a capable and competent adult who will hold the space and have the experience for those expectations to be met, consciously, with intent.

So too with mothering, fathering, parenting and indeed relating in healthy, nurturant ways to each other and the world around us. Each are sets of biologically mandated behaviours that are markers of optimal human health.

Know this, and fight back!

Our Mothers are worth it!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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