Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Refugees, Squatting, Indoctrination, Christmas Poetry.

I have been taking a break from posting.  It was because when I began to see the full extent of the behavioural dynamic, when it is obvious that there is so much bullying going on, in matters of Civil and Corporate Governance and behaviour, that it became impossible to deal with any discourse that ignores that simple fact.

Even those who genuinely seek reform, and yet support left vs right conceptualisation of Civil Governance, who accept adversarial politics as 'normal', who therefore argue against each other, rather than deliberate upon the evidence available, as a collective engaged in a mutual exercise of good governance.

Letting the stew stew.

It's so immature, so inneffective, so dull, old and boring. Really. Trump is boring, Netanyahu is boring, Putin is boring, May is boring, Austerity is lethal and boring, Farage is boring, War is boring, and covert war is even more boring. Competition as adversaries is boring.

The brew brews.

This social system's facade is crumbling. The only solid thing is human decency, kindness, compassion, empathy, on the streets and in our homes and places where we gather and work - we can do this - and when all the facade has crumbled, and all the glitter has been cleaned off the hoardings, it will be that which brings us to recovery, not tech, not carbon taxes, not religion, not aliens, not anyone but us lot here. I feel good about that.

Soil aerated. Leaves fall,  buds grow. 

I have been writing a few pieces of poetry, to be spoken, rather than read... read them aloud, adding your own inflections and emphases.

Coin Poem.


This is about the health and safety report onn the danger of abstract artificial reality, which is what coin has become.


HomeCoin -




This is on the feeling of being human, in the biologically mandated sense of optimal human health.

If we look..

If we look with all our eyes we see more.
If we listen with all our ears, we hear more.
If we sniff with all our noses, we will smell more,
and the stench of Civilisation will become inescapable.
If we feel with our bodies, our hearts will be strong,
When we sing with the streams, our songs tingle,
When we walk with the breeze, our step is brisk.
When we stalk in the hunt, our breathing is even.
When we rest in the bliss, our hearts are one.
When the fire is loaded, and more besides
When our larder is fat with the gifts of life,
When we look to each other, and travellers greet,
Tis good to be human, different and sweet.

Christmas Factory 2017

I feel a poetic flow..
fades in the below feezing,

There is no glory in this resistance.

A White Christmas is premature and still-born.

Central heating speeds the rooves exposure.
A patchwork emerges. Warm and cold. Eating or heating.

Heating vents become prime beggar estate.
Documentaries describe this. It get's worse.

Christmas 2017 is jangling
My nerves.

My nerves were shot.

sleeping in a factory,
a long abandoned work place,
it's bustle and noise a distant 
but not forgotten grime,
Sleeping in my day clothes,
Coat on, a hoodie and a hat,
two pairs of socks, and early Christmas trick.

With just enough credit for one phone call,
one special person,
on that special day.

Heart aching.

In that banal place,
bereft of 'mod cons'.
dusty and dirty,
in need of a deep clean,
Grief washes my cheeks,
and I am safe, for now.

Squatting. Seeking a safe, 'affordable' home.

Affordable. A caricature of the truth.
Indebted. In debt.
How much debt can you afford.
If you cannot sustain debt, then you must lose.
The economy is built on debt.
Power is maintained through debt.

The Evening Standard does not know my history,
does not know the stories of tens of thousands
who seek to bodge together a home,
as they carry the wreckage of lives lived within a hierarchically violent social system that is not so much corrupted (as in good people turned bad)
rather it is founded on violent bullying,
maintained by
indoctrination and psycho-social manipulation.

It - The Man - knows these things, because it manifests them, daily.

Opinion as apparent fact,"trust me Gov!" Is the Bible not fake news too?

"What the economy needs", "growing a workforce" : -

where do we break the spell of these spells?

The spell broke for me 
in that factory and 
in every refugee that is fleeing war there breaks that spell again, again and again.

Safe Home. Affordable Homes. Language. War.


Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

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