Thursday, 10 April 2008

Olympics SchmOlympircks!

The Olympic protests are great! They show the hypocrisy of all current model of Governance for what it is! Well done those who disrupt the flames progress around the globe!

Many in the Wests Media are currently pointing the finger at the Chinese Government, and many 'pundits' are commenting on China's suppression of Tibet, asking questions about China's readiness to 'enter the fold' of Democracies. They also ask questions about the apparent inability of various police forces to suppress the protesters and make comments on the 'disruption' and 'bad publicity' that the organisers, the IOC, are having to 'deal' with.

Yet few of them are realising that there are three other fingers pointing right back at themselves, and that to those who have the eyes to see, it is blindingly obvious (a neat oxymoron, if ever there was one) that those who on one hand engage in Wars of Aggression, those who export pollution to other countries to maintain the illusion of clean technologies in their own countries, those who exercise power over people rather than power for the people as standard behaviour are in no place to criticise others whose practices they supposedly abhor.

Finger One : There is the cogent fact that the West has exported almost all of it's toxic polluting manufacturing processes to China, where child labour and near as damnit indentured labour exist as standard fare for the majority, in particular those who come from the countryside...

On this our pundits remain silent. In fact most of the products they are wearing, using and consuming are made in China.

Finger Two : Furthermore, our own Governments are engaged in illegal wars of aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly in other places under covert operations..... and this is something they have always done, it is nothing new. It is our history.

Another aspect of the Olympics, though hardly worth a finger (other than in the proverbial) is the drug taking that is rife! Both amongst the athletes (performance enhancing) and those who design and build the facades, the edifices of greed, the modern day coliseums. I am sure it takes a lot of cocaine to set up the great big deals and make the 'cool' designs (most of which are truly dreadful - the London Logo being but one example!) - hubris and greed, as ever bedmates!

The survival of the fittest is a meme that Empire spreads in order to provide manure for it's agenda, and it is proven to be so far wide of the mark that it is purely by virtue of the conditioning process we have all been subjected to that it is ever discussed in an serious terms.

Bio-diversity Science tells us what the ancients knew well, because they lived on the land, with the land and saw themselves as being of the land - they knew that all nature is a life-giving co-operative, a vast altruistic interaction that provides everything within it what it needs to grow to full potential.

Finger Three : Compare that with Western Civilisation, which chews up everything it meets, spits out what is of no use either to itself or any other life form, and continues to grow, to expand, to dominate all other ways of living. Western Civilisation, being the civilisation of city states, eats up the natural resources and converts them into toxins. For what?

For profit, for greed and for power over others. All the symptoms of a profound, abysmal loss of identity, a deep sense of inadequacy and thus a fatal misunderstanding of the nature and great gift of life.

Here's my video fro my song "The Olympics are Here"

Enjoy is hardly the word, but if you have a car with a good sound system, put the song on yer player and open the windows, drive slowly and play it LOUD!

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