Monday, 31 March 2008

What to do.............?

A friend of mine wrote to me to tell me that he felt much of what I was saying in my writings, songs and videos ... yet he was at a loss as to what to do, .... so I fired of this to him. He liked it, so I'm putting it up here for comment....

WHAT TO DO..........

First off, be sure of who one is, ie: trust feelings, and be honest with them. Everything we have ever been told by the representatives of the system has been intended to make us forget who we are. people who are unsure will adopt an external element as an identity prop. I've done it myself, many times.

Even about 99.9% of new age stuff!

Being true to oneself, acting with integrity is vital. NEVER EVER do anything, say anything other than what you really feel.

Be one who can be broken (killed) yet NEVER BENT TO ANOTHERS WAY. We are of use to those who manipulate if we are capable of being bent....

Two - take care of your own happiness, sort your issues out as a daily yoga. This will help you see clearly what is real and what is not. Feelings are vitally important here. Recognise that emotions are merely feelings re-interpreted by the brain/mind that is conditioned. Reject the re-interpretation, and be honest.

Three - avoid fear based myth, stories etc, because fear clouds perception.

Four - eradicate any beliefs you hold. Know or accept you do not know and rest with that. It's ok! Beliefs are the basis for all religions, 99% of new age stuff, all ideologies etc....

Then, with a sense of humour, and gratitude for this life, for the fingers you did nothing to create, for the eyes you have to see, for the light that enables your eyes to work, live and be who you are. Life is a humungous gift, freely given. Treat it as such at all times.

Then, in your own way, without trying to impress anyone, spread the word, and be prepared to get involved in direct action, when the time comes. For many the time is now!

Music's function is to empower, not to impress. People who are impressed are impressionable. Which is a product of conditioning.

I can tell you this - I am not going mad. I'm getting mad as hell, outraged at what is happening. And it's coming from a man who is happy to be who he is.

There are no guarantees, and each as day passes there's far more people getting clear in themselves, and working around the 'system' than the media would ever allow. Already we outnumber the psycho control freaks by a factor of 1 million to 1....

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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