Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Whats really going on with the 'credit crunch' and the financial 'turmoil'?

Corporate Authoritarian Communism basically... this short video gives an insight into the nature of what is unfolding daily .....


A situation has been engineered by the financial giants, the military idustrial complex whereby control over our lives is now concentrated in a few hands, who also have de facto control by force (through undermining civil liberties under the guise of the WAR ON DRUGS and THE WAR ON TERRORISM).

A state of emergency may well arise out of the response of the grassroots to the political elites as much as the finacial meltdown - either way the stage is set for the hammer to fall, and fall hard, upon the ordinary people of USA and Europe.

The only way around this is massive, localised, concerted and determined non-violent legal resistance - people power pushing for the Laws against war, against war crimes to be upheld and enforced, people power pushing for the elimination of the two party voting illusionionary democracy at local and national levels, to be replaced by community based democratic participation, ie direct involvement at all levels and for the disarming of the military and paramilitary police.

A mortgage and tax strike is one of the ways to force this through - all those in property that is mortgaged can hold onto their property if they work together, after all they are in poassession of their homes, and a tax strike is legally valid in light of the war crimes of the UK, US and other Governments. Those in power may well resort to using mercenaries to enforce their control, and that would be pretty ugly, but in the end futile, for there are many, many more veterans and serving military, people with the skills and preparedness, who could, if pushed to the limit, take the powers that be on - if the public were prepared to support them - a bit like Chavaz being rescued by the peoples of the barrios and the military guardians loyal to the people.

Here's hoping that these issues can be resolved peacefully. Start talking to your neighbours, your friends today about how this can be done.

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