Friday, 26 September 2008

reality check!!

So.... lets put a few things into perspective here...

Our so called democratically elected Governments are prepared to bail out the large financial houses for a mess those houses themselves created out of greed and a desire for more power, and they are asking the taxpayers, workers to foot the bill?

These same Governments spend a fortune on Nuclear and Depleted Uranium Weapons which have NEVER been used on Military Targets... and many of these weapons are ready to go within minutes....

While at the same time they jail young people for having a little bit of weed or ecstacy, both of which are less damaging (in use) than alcohol or tobacco...

They start wars and kill literally hundreds of thousands of CHILDREN, not to mention men and women, and destroy whole countries, they violently work covertly to undermine democratically elected Governments - (this is happening in Bolivia as I write, and elsewhere)

and we are expected to believe that they do this for US?

This song juxtaposes the reality of the gifts of nature with the harm governments cause ...... life loves us, the government hates....

Check out this video: The Government Hates


Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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