Monday, 1 December 2008

Mumbai, Panic and Civil Liberties........

Reading the news stories about victims and abusers, writ large in society, writ in detail in families, schools, at work, at play and as cannon-fodder to this or that belief system, that ideology.

Mumbai, a case in point. Previous events like this have taken place in India, and many. Only they seemed to have almost exclusively occurred in areas where only the ultra-poor, the poor live, and a few occassions in places where workers and low middle class pass.

This is the first 'hit' on the rich sector of Indian Society.

A shock.

I have recently re-read "Shock Doctrine!" by Naomi Klein. Worth reading, as it makes clear the relationship between the economic ideology of neo-liberal trade, it's implementation and war in the 20th and 21st Centuries.

If this terrible murder spree was a shock, inflicted with intent, then what of that intent?

Exactly Who's intent?

Qui Bono?

Until we know exactly who sponsored this crime, by way of a clear and fully open investigation, with immediate effect, by the Hague International Criminal Tribunal, the kind of investigation the US Government so studiously avoided, mandated to arrest those responsible for the commissions of war crimes, such as sponsoring armed groups, armies and paramilitaries in wars of destabilisation in Sovereign Countries.

In the meantime check with democracy nows really insightful and frank exchange of views from people who have direct knowledge of India, many years of experience and a sound comprehension of what has taken place in Mumbai. Their explanations make more sense than anything the media has uttered.

Makes ya think, does it not?

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