Thursday, 12 February 2009

Gaza, Trauma and Threat… obeying the law.....


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The Israeli Election is done. Now the formation of a majority block Government begins. Two weeks they say. And who has been talking of peace or justice? What have they said? And who amongst them will talk of peace, And who has been talking of more war? And who amongst these elected Israelis, now with the responsibility of Governance as an occupying military power in their hands, will speak of seeking peace and abandoning violence, physical or economic. As a first step. Unclench the fist, and remove the glove. Who?

And absent from anything i have read, is comment upon the reality that after a trauma, any threats the assailant makes publicly is by Law, and offence, classified as an assault. It also hurts....

Imagine what it’s like for a child who has seen his family die in the most bloody way, to hear the persons responsible for that horror making threats to launch another war, or to speak of unending war?

What is that like?

That child could be Israeli or Palestinian or American or Congolese, take a pick at any ‘conflict’, there are many.

Seen from this perspective, birth into this way of life, on Earth, is a grotesque lottery, devised by the hands of power, uncaring of the harm. Sure there are risk inherent in nature. But this?


So many children!

How is THIS in any way acceptable?

These are the questions we must ask as people and demand that answers, both our own conclusions and those of established ‘experts’ be openly sought, facts faced and appropriate decisions made.

With the disgusting and ignoble rhetoric of war ringing around the world, with foreseeable disasters looming as possibility's, ones we could better turn our energies so as to prepare, and mitigate the foreseeable, as derived from climate variation, mass poverty as capitalism falters, as war continues and other factors I won't go into here,(the reader will collate their own list) it behoves us all to stop the war as a priority.

One way or another, the subject must become THE SUBJECT that politicians, makers of weapons and war supplies, soldiers, citizens and children focus on.

protest. strike. blockade. write. inform. talk to the children. no-one has to become part of the system. it cannot be imposed. alternatives will emerge.

i write about this because of what I know to be true. It is deeper than any belief.

Because of the children.

All real children have prior rights in that they did not ask to join this culture, and cannot be subject to it's imposed ideologies without undermining their human rights, this in both a legal and a more general sense.

Those rights are the responsibility of the adult world in it’s entirety.

That responsibility is not so heavy that mankind has been struggling with it eternally. That would not be a great survival strategy in the long run, as we are beginning to understand. Ahem! (cough, cough!)

Until quite recently, about 16,000 years ago as far as we can tell. Not long in the long line of ancestry really. And always, always organised war directed by hierarchical societies has been at the heart of it all. The motive : Profit by brute force.

‘Progress’ was and remains a metaphor for more land, and more land implied controlling other lands, others bodies, be they whatever species……as resources to exploit.

Happiness in a consumer culture?

Truthfully, the ‘happiness’ quotient of those closest to the land, where pressures from the consumer based industrial world are non-existent, minimal or ignored, is the highest and broadest of all living human societies. That matters! That really, really matters. Think about this. Pause.

This way of living as a natural humane being has real meaning, value, content and depth. It is neither a fashion statement nor is it a currency. It’s no utopia. Shit happens.


Two streams of behaviour. Different consequences.

One cares for children. The other ‘rears’ children.

One turns anger into ritual.

The other drops missiles on them from seven thousand miles away. Or thirty. Or shells the child from one hundred yards away. Bulldozes house with dead people inside, your dead brothers, your dead parents and grandparents.

One would never make that threat.

The other repeats both threat and trauma.

A cyclic pattern.

This happens.
This is war, carried out by ‘states’, stimulated by ‘empires’.

Does it really have to be this way?

Of course not! Feel that pulse of nature, and the child at play, the family laughing. That’s real.

Doubt not that for once thousandth of a second.

Imagine again, sense this, feel what it would be like for that child at the harsh end of a missile.

Wherever that child is.

Imagine now, slowly, taking time to sense again how you felt gazing upon the most beautiful natural sight you have ever seen. The most moving. Then imagine playing as a child in nature, in that vision, or as it comes, as you might have as a child. Learning by exploring. By experience. By joy!


A missile, the components of which may well have been made in 25 different countries, assembled in one country, shipped to the battle front, used once, lands in a child’s bedroom.

So when the politician said read my lips, no more taxes and did the opposite, when they say they want peace and make war and work to increase the possibility of more ‘efficient’ war, when they say they care for our health and refuse to regulate tens of thousands of synthetic toxic chemicals that are currently in common use, which are absolutely a leading cause of much distress, common and evolving, in or civilisation and outside it, as the toxicity takes hold, when this and more, with so many lies, there comes a point. There has to. Enough!

“It’s the children stupid!”

It’s (certainly not) the (military consumer products services industry) economy (interests and natural market) stupid!

What do you think? What are your thoughts on this?

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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