Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Selfish Green - deconstructed, satire...

The Great and The Good of The Straight World discuss the future of humanity in the light of so much poverty, climate change and over population. War is off the agenda for this discussion!

David Attenborough, Richard Dawkins, Jane Goodall and David Leaky discuss the parlous state of affairs as regards the issues of the day...... before a rapt audience in good old Bristol. They are all good people, definitely well-meaning. Some easier to like than others. They have worked hard on others behalf. And they are straight. I mean really straight. Excruciatingly so.

One may view it here :

by way of warning :

1. They don't mention war - a basil fawlty moment short of a laughing gnome ... well she did mention getting rid of the military... Jane Goodall.... smart girl!

2. Dawkins claims the idea of a species caring for the future, (were western civilisation to do the right thing) is a novel idea, an unique moment in time. Seems he missed out on all the indigenous peoples known proclivity in those very areas. As in "All is Born of Woman. No Harm Shall Come To The Children" doh!

3. Dawkins claimed we have ended slavery! oops! that's another 300 million people, alive today who missed a meeting!

4. Ok so Attenborough did say we need to look at nature as a unity, and there's agreement on this, yet he misses that the natural biodiversity is the best path during climate change, so give land back to nature to recover, put people to work repairing the land...

5. They miss that nature is a self-organising living paradigm ...... that the solution lies in tapping into that very self-organisational living paradigm. Nature KNOWS what to do! doh!

6. The men are boring, Jane Goodall is almost excluded....

7. They skirt around the issue of power, the minority who wield it and their naked willingness to harm anyone and anything so as to keep their power....

8. Leaky is hoping to convince the 100 people running industrialised humanity to change course? Really?

9. That's going to solve poverty? Oh yes, that and the Canadian steel charcoal burning stoves for African 'peasants'. The stoves I understand. The mind boggles.

really short review :

Man talks ... blah blah blah ... more men talk..... blah blah Jane Goodall - passion and common sense -men talk blah blah blah. man talks. man laughs. man sighs. blah blah blah. Jane Goodall says get rid of the talk blah blah blah....blah blah, Jane Goodall says that it's unacceptable that we leave this planet worse than we found it, think about the children...... men talk blah blah blah.... men sigh, ponder weighty questions, pretty much offer no detail of any possible shift we need to make .... ..... very, very frustrating.

I know at least 200 people who would have given these people some answers and insight into the interconnectedness of all these issues - and there are millions of people like that.

Just have to get on with it, 'cos these fools are LOST!

And I'm not. No-one needs to be. Though many are. Thankfully it's not as bleak as that, we know we have nature within us.... that's some force to be reckoning with.... many millions of humans....

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corneilius said...

Here's another eminently sensible woman, An Aussie of course! Helen Caldicott.

She tells it like it is!