Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Expectations of Every Child, what Micheal Jackson lacked in his experience...

This is what Micheal Jackson missed out on as a child, him and so many others .... had he been loved, respected and cared for rather than used as a cash machine, a performing cash cow, he might have lived a happier, more centered life - and one happy childs life is worth far more than the millions of records, millions of docile happy fans, millions of dollars, the pomp and narcissism of Arena Pop Music .....

Yes, his music was good, and it is also true that he did not make it all himself - he had the best in the business to assist him - from studio session musos, to producers, marketers, record companies (all of whom made a fortune from this living cash cow) and so on.....

And none of that makes up for the abuse he suffered as a child....

A fitting memoriam would be to expose the full extent of child abuse in our culture so as to ensure such abuse is extremely rare rather than fairly common.

But the fans, they want the music and none of the responsibility.. and the record companies and promoters, they want more cash....

here's my song,

The Expectations of Every Child

The expectations of every child
To be held in love, all the time
To know safety with every touch
These are the ways we need, it's not so much...

These are the gifts,that life on earth is meant to bring

The expectations of every child,
Acceptance, gentle guidance with a smile,
Honest answers to their questions of life,
Space to grow, fully assured and bright.

The expectations of every child,
To find a safe place to learn in good time
So that the child knows and trusts the heart
Then grows the child in confidence, that is the art..

The expectation of every child,
To know the family, to feel the line
Of ancient stories, and harmonies
The child is born to know that she is free.

The expectation of every child,
To be respected all the time,
To be chosen with the highest love,
So honour the child you hold, that will be enough.....

These are the gifts that life on earth is meant to bring
Do you bring the gifts? Do we bring the gifts?
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