Monday, 13 July 2009

The Last Taboo : Abuse Culture

The core problem we are all faced with is NOT being discussed, as it is the last taboo.

Industrial Society (Empire) is found upon child abuse. Natural Society is founded upon Empathy and common-sense.

Industrial Society is abusing the environment. Logging, mining, plastic in the oceans. And more....

Industrial Society is abusing animals. Growth Hormones. Vivisection and live animal experimentation. Factory Farming. Pesticides. And more ....

Industrial Society is abusing whole peoples. Iraq. Afghanistan. Congo. Honduras. And more .....

Industrial Society is abusing our children. Indoctrination. Ritalin. Palestine. Marketing. Evolving Consumers is the technical name for children. Iraq. And more.....

All of this for profit. This is our history. Any honest analysis of history confirms all of the above. These are the facts.

And it is all founded on one principle. That children are blank slates, upon which those who 'run' society for profit may write their own agenda, physically, psychologically.... in such manner as to facilitate that control. The original identity of each is tampered with.

To tell a child WHAT TO THINK, to enforce ones views on a child is a criminal act, is quite often done with threats of violence, or the threat of future poverty, and this one act is the basis of all the crimes of our society, for it robs the child of her or his innate wisdom and sensory acuity... and allows them to be manipulated as adults....

Until this FACT is faced, that some humans work together do this to others, intentionally and with full awareness of the damage they are causing healthy and lasting change will not happen in any meaningful way.

Once the majority of people in the Industrial Societies, the prime Empire countries, recognise these facts as truthful perceptions of current reality, then they will recognise how they were tricked and will then be able to refuse to allow the same to be done to their children.

That moment is close in all our lives, and the powers work flat out to put that time off. Their work is futile.

Their failure is inevitable, for they can never relax and they are unable to tap into natures flow, and nature will wear them out, sooner or later.

Be as your innate honesty senses. You have already won the war.

Kindest regards


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