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Climate Change Debunked : finally! Weather Proofing Debate!

A Great way of wasting time.

Arguments about Scientific Data, all of which can and is being interpeted, each occording to her or his agenda, tend to go round and round. And round and round. Yada. Yada. Yada.

However, from my perspective, how I see things, there's a few vital assumptions, ond some foundational premises, that all involved in this rivetting worldwide debate, concerning Climate Change, are not including in the Data. Ones that are assumed, (and incorrect - they are beliefs ) and ones that are ignored (and are correct - they are how  it is).

I'd like to share them with you. Ina  kind of non-linear rambling sort of fashion......

Let's Get Real!

It's not merely the effect of CO2 emmissions as a result of Industrial Society,a nd the potential consequences as an affector of the environment : it 's the combined effect of all the changes Industrial Society has made to the environemnt, habitat, to the way things live and interact. - thats the REAL issue. If there is a problem, THAT's the problem. CO2 lives WITHIN that context.

And thats something that human beings can change, if we really want to. If we cared enough to.

Lets look at it another way. If, for example there was an asteroid capable of hitting the Earth and creating a 200 year permanent winter, that would not be a problem. That would be purely a natural catastrophic event, part of the processes of life. That's just life. It's not a probelm. That creatures eat creatures is not a problem.  It's how natural life works. Problems can be solved. Life is what it is.

For example it is demonstrably true that all in Nature the combined activity of all creatures improves the habitat for all creatures, and that all is food. Some get eaten, some decompose. That ought to include us, as one of trillions of natural inhabitants of earth. Yet it doesn't. We are an anomoly. Unique. Truely unique. Thats a problem. WE are out of step. By choice.

To compartmentalise the components of a whole, each as whole in and of themselves is the bottle neck in this discourse concerning climate change and societal change. I say this because the only reason we are discussing climate change is because it's driven by an agenda that demands 'changes' in our society. Those changes do not appear to include stopping war, stopping all toxic production, making profound changes to our 'extractive' processes so that they return nutrients to the environment at every stage. They do not appear to include re-establishing the fundamental of nature : each organism has a direct relationship to it's land base, food base..... and improves the habitat for all life.

Furthermore the discussions around climate change appear to me to refuse to recognise that Industrial Society is extremely vulnerable due to it's inability to adapt to the way nature works. And that this arises from a   conditioned, and unfounded, fear of the wild. That is the true source of our insecurity.


This, unfortunately, arises from Hubris. The fallacies and ideas concerning mankind's Superiority, Manifest Destiny, Chosen Peoples, Higer 'Intelligence' etc etc... are part of this delusion, one that is even greater than the God Delusion.

As is the debate about 'climate change' and societal change that excludes WAR as a factor in this predicament we are in.They cannot be discussed seperately. They are entwined.

The real predicament is merely that this Civilisation will not stand, will not survive, never mind thrive. It is not sustainable. The forces of Nature are far, far greater than anything we can muster. Co-operation and Improving the Habitat for all life is the way of Nature. Competition and Destroying the Habitat  for Profit is the way of Industrial Society. These processes are so not compatible.


Humility, and a willingness to put ALL THE DATA on the table, openly, honestly .... and THEN let's talk about appropriate changes to make in Industrial Society. The answers are all around us in Nature. We have to cease projecting what we think we know onto what is and see what is as it really is.

That data must by neccessity include a fullest inventory, a telling of the cost to all life forms on Earth of the way of Industrial Society, a full accounting of the abuse we have meted, and continue to mete out to each other.

It must iclude a full accounting of the toxicity we have introduced, to oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, aquifers, forests, plains, swamps, bogs, and all their inhabitants and of course our own bodies.

That data must by neccessity include a fullest inventory, a telling of the known natural world, her processes and inter-relationships, from the Microbial to the Continental, drawing on all traditions that have OBSERVED nature for LONG periods of times, across several tens of generations as much as Science. Science sees only a tiny portion of what is.

The data must show a full account of the vested interests that hold Industrial Civilisation in such a deathly grip of denial.

It must show the methods and extent to which power is bent against life, on behalf of those who dominate. It must show a full audit of the amassed wealth on one hand and the resultant poverty on the other and  that 'balance' be compared to the potential abundance that Earth may bestow in her healthiest state, for all life.

Abundance is when poverty is unknown, nor can hoarded wealth or ring-fenced 'resources' or denying nutrients be countenanced.

The Data must include the sensings, the dreams and observations of our children, our youth, and our elders as much as the admonitions of activists, polticians, pastors and so-called teachers.

These are the DATA to place the Climate Change discussions in it's true context. These and more.....

And let the discussions as to WHAT exactly is happening that is driving the detail of weather  and climate change be a subject for leisurely study once we have resolved the core problem of Industrial Society.


For that is the issue here.

As ever it's never the Weather, is it? It's the clothes we wear. And we, as members of Industrial Society,  as Consumers (Consumer Rights?) wear abuse oh so confortably, so comfortably in fact that we can't even see it.


Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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