Monday, 28 September 2009

Natural or Civilised?

Taking is not receiving. That is one way to describe the difference between civilised processes and natural processes.

Civilisation, takes; most often by force, whatever it ‘needs‘/ ‘wants‘, irrespective of the cost to others, irrespective of the natural continuity of the community from which it takes.

Nature gives; everything is provided by processes in which each participant entity simply by being what it is, by it’s unique and precisely adapted metabolisation of nutrients available in the habitat it lives in.

Civilisation is organised rape and pillage. Survival and Power. Survival is Fear driven.

Nature is organised abundance. Thrivival.

These are the stark facts.

These are the facts of life on Earth. Not the facts of Civilisation. One of which, for example, is if you refuse to ‘work’ you must starve. Not only that but you also become the pet kicking object of a load of people who have sold their souls so as to ‘survive’ in that Civilisation. Another fact of Civilisation is Slavery. War. Child Abuse.

Thus when Scientists speak of the ‘struggle for survival‘, they are projecting their Civilised doctrines , their Indoctrination, onto nature….. Civilised Humanity has to struggle to survive, never mind thrive, to remain in place on Earth precisely because it is so anti-Nature, and cannot therefore easily survive in Nature, as it does not abide by Natural Processes, in fact it actively undermines those processes. It is also resisted by Indigenous peoples up to the point where they are all but annihilated, extirpated, erased.

Let me tell you something about Darwin. He was a Racist. He stated that the inter-breeding of ‘good stock’ with ‘bad stock’ would lead towards an inevitable degradation of the ‘good stock’, his example being the English inter-breeding with Irish. Implicit in this is the understanding that indeed there are some human beings, who by birth and race, are superior to all others. That’s a fundamental premise of Civilisation. And for them survival of the fittest and natural selection were merely ways to ‘scientifically’ prove their assumptions regarding superiority. Making it all to easy in their minds to extirpate that which does not ‘comply’. Compliance.

Darwin was, as it happens, from an extremely wealthy ’landed’ family, a man who socialised with European Royalty, a man who was part of that same class. A member of the Elite. With an agenda. And an enormous budget. He was a propagandist. The one who got there first. As in his books were published, promoted and given support. Before Wallace. Who saw that Nature is co-operation.

Civilisations come and go, and so too will this one which we find ourselves born into.

The question arises : with whom, or with what do I or you most identify?

Civilisation or Nature?

Only when I/you have answered that gritty question, can I/you start to deal with the problem of Civilisation…..

Look at it this way : our entire body is produced and sustained by nature. Every cell is wild, self organised, and getting on with it without any need for direction from our thinking selves. The only civilised part is the thinking, and the lack of empathy that arises from that thinking. We ARE nature. We only THINK we are civilised.

Only when one recognises that one is of nature, rather than of civilisation, can one start to deal with the problem of civilisation. The civilised cannot, by definition, deal with this problem in any meaningful way. They cannot see it. They see other problems, which are symptoms, and will attempt to suppress the symptoms rather than seek the root cause.

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