Sunday, 13 December 2009

Adverse Power and Conditioning Deniers!

1. We all know that the psychological and practical basis of this industrial society is toxic AND unsustainable. The problems are known, and have been for a long, long time. The solutions are also equally known...

2. People have been asking for autonomy, for the space to act as responsible people, for thousands of years on the basis that we are all PEOPLE, equal and peers in our times. Thus we must make decisions based upon open sourced well-informed consensual discourse, based at the grass roots. That this is not so is not because people are 'stupid' (sheeple - a term I dislike intensely - because no such entity exists, its a way of dehumanising others) - it is a dynamic of POWER over others.

3. NONE of the mainstream movements for change are doing ANYTHING to STOP the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. War is still an accepted FACT of Governance and an essential factor in the Economy....

4. Unless Industrial Society ditches war as a tool of policy, and to do that would mean it would have to end the psychology of Dominance, and the practice of Indoctrination, there is no way forwards....

5. So what ever side of 'the debate' we might choose to fall on, by 'falling' on either side, we are avoiding the core issues - and I sense the whole climate change debate is a cleverly orchestrated distraction, an attempt to transfer blame and responsibility to people rather than face the facts that the system itself is nasty, cruel and toxic. That it engenders dysfunction as a tool of power.

6. I know of no-one in my own community who has primary access to any data on the 'climate change', let alone the ability to 'interpret' such data. We are merely repeating what others have told us to repeat.... and we do it well, having been trained in that process for most of our childhoods.

7. I know of no-one in the IPCC or the UN or the WWF who speak of the ways in which distal POWER is exercised OVER others and of the consequences, in any meaningful, open and transparent way.

8. I say all those who subscribe to the 'debate' are, by entering into this limited debate, DENYING the very simple truth - that power exercised OVER people, most often against their wishes and true interests, is the core problem for Industrial Society/Civilisation..... ADVERSE POWER DENIERS!

The effects of Adverse Distal Power on the habitat, on peoples lives, which exist because there are those who exercise POWER over others, primarily to retain that power are being denied left, right and centre of all debate as to the true nature of Industrial Society as currently set up.

Industrial Society is based on 'theories' of human dominance presiding over nature, of exploiting nature and, of course, people (human resources) - and it is that psychology of dominance that is unquestioned, unexamined and in effect erased from debate that is the real issue.

That fundamental deceit is what pays media peoples bills. Advertising revenue. That fundamental deceit, a reactive knee-jerk assault on the very concept of honesty, transparency and accountability, in order preserve 'order', be it old world or new world, is the basis for all mainstream discourse. ... See More

It is the POWER and CONDITIONING DENIERS we ought to be examining. And to change that system of conditioning we must start first within ourselves, and work it outwards....

The alternative, of subsuming to the conditioning is already to horrible, too devastating, for far too many people, and for the habitat to be left unchallenged.

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