Friday, 4 December 2009

on Earth Life Processes That Build Habitats for Diverse Populations of Mutually Interdependent Autonomous Life Forms

I feel we are innately, biologically designed to 'tread lightly, do no harm'.... one of the oldest maxims I know of is 'all is born of womanlife, no harm shall come to the children' which puts males in a place of deepest respect for woman and child, thus naturally concerned with the continued abundance of all life and the habitats that host that abundance.

That fits in with the known ways in which nature (defined for the purpose of this piece as : Earth Life Processes That Build Habitats for Diverse Populations of Mutually Interdependent Autonomous Life Forms) works in balance, with such precision, without any known centralised driving force, working from the grass-roots, from bacteria (who are arch metabolizers, factories of food, recycling experts, and also seed rain clouds! which is why they live inside us - we eat their poo! and their decaying bodies! no waste. all is food.) to the largest organisms such as the great barrier reef and the fungal tissue that extends across entire continents through forests.... everything eats, none eats beyond the sustainable levels of what they eat, few starve, most live full lives - that's not a struggle, its certainly no competition based system of evolutionary 'perfection'.


Nature is abundance. Nature is. And there are variables. Weather does change. Volcanoes will erupt. Tsunamis do occur. Floods will happen. The are all necessary parts of nature and life on Earth. Nothing natural is useless. Everything matters.

We learn to fear in the way 'civilisation' fears; as children we 'adapt to' a dysfunctional situation by internalising the values of the situation, the values of those who control the situation. That's the nasty little voice to the side, (I sense it on my right hand side, just above my ear, just outside ) that feels like judgement, that tells me I am 'bad' etc etc....the repeated lies I was told about my body, my spirit, which were told so often I took them to be true. And they ruled me. Those voices were once physically embodied in the voices of the adults who 'raised' me, of the authority of the adult world over me, and for a long time the ghosts of those voices ruined my life, because I believed them to be my own voice......

Those voices rule many people, and those voices drown out the voice of the heart for many people, to the extent that they become ideological or fundamentalist, to the extent they find it easy to de-humanise, to the extent they respond to 'charisma' ..... Obama, Osama......

Let me make this quite clear. My true conscience is in my heart,embedded in body, that's where I feel my true feelings of empathy, my sensings of others in this world, which is conscience itself, really. It is NOT in my head.... and there are aspects that are reflected all over my body... 'my hand can feel the burn on your hand' my heart the wound I might inflict when I think of that .... and knowing the pain I sense is real, that by action I might realise it in you, I cannot take any such action - I feel you' There is no deeper base for behaviour that this, and it is innate.

Unlearning the 'fear' is not easy, it takes time, and a little dedication..... it is a process of becoming more human in a 'civilised' and industrialised world that dehumanises, de-souls and that objectifies all life in order to 'exploit' it.

This is the struggle I am engaged in for myself.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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