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Wooton Basset, Islam4UK and the truth about fighting for our freedoms

First off, let me say this: I think the proposed march through Wooton Basset is wrong in every way... I have great respect for those who 'serve', many of whom I have met in my life time....

The petition and facebook pages to oppose it are badly thought out, and are effectively a propaganda tool. As are ISLAM4UK and the march itself .......

The 'respect' for fallen heroes obliterates the 'respect' for fallen civilians. Wherever they be, and who ever they are.

In Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the 21st Century the comparative death rate between soldiers in uniform and civilians is 3 to 97.... with terrorists coming in at about 1 to 10000, ie for every confirmed 'al queeda' type terrorist, 10,000 civilians die.... at the very minimum.

The soldiers have the best medical care. Thats why the death rate is so low. The trauma rate is a lot higher. Troops survive terrible woundings. The civilians, most of whom are very poor already, have almost none. No health care, no pension, nothing.

This is a deliberate set up. The CIA funded and set up 'Al queeda' and the Mujhadeen in 1979.... with skills they had been training the South American 'police' in since the 1950s, at Institutions such as The Fort Benning School of the Americas. Google it. Don't take my word for it.

The set-up, from the point of view of 'our heroes' works like this : recruit youngsters who have been conditioned, who have no idea of what combat is really like, (how could they?) apart from romanticised war movies etc etc, and 'train' them for fitness, in small groups ... if one trainee fails, the whole squad is punished - that builds the bonding process.

The train them to be professional 'killers'. Then send them to low conflict zones to 'harden' them.

Then they go to a real war zone, and come under fore for the first time....

When they see a mate killed or wounded, reality strikes and they HAVE TO PROTECT EACH OTHER. Who wouldn't?

Thats when they start to shoot to kill, to protect each other.

They are NOT thinking of our freedoms at this point. But the civilians back home are. Because these are our 'heroes'.

Under these conditions, into which they have been deliberatley placed, it is inevitable that they will kill and maim far more innocent civilians than 'terrorists'...

When they return they cannot tell this to their families, to the media, because they know they have comiitted war crimes and they know the civilians want to see them as 'heroes' and so the truth is buried. The soldiers suffer in silence. Suicides amongst troops in US/UK Military now exceeds combat deaths...

The Government and the Military KNOW ALL THIS because it's an old technique.

They also know that some few become addicted to killing and 'adventure' and BECOME MERCENARIES.

They have their uses. EG David Stirling, who set up the SAS, started a private mercenary army, which worked on behalkf of the UK Govt, and private corporations in Africa : their first mission was in Yemen. Topical Country at the present...

Check Adam Curtiss Documentary " The Mayfair Set" which looks ate Stirling and his activities and traces this kind of thing right up to the 1990s...

and this on the Long Term Psychological Trauma of War:

A better petition would be to prosecute Margart Thatcher, Tony BLair and all those who command for carrying out illegal orders, as all UK military have been engaged in absolutley, clearly, as defined by UK and International Law, ratified by the UK Government, illegal wars since 1991 - since the first Iraq war...

The perhaps we can end the bloodshed. None of the stated aims of UK Government stand up to careful scrutiny with regard to these wars, nor would they stand in a fair court of Law.... and none are worth the harm our young men and women are forced to endure, forced to cause....

For further research, particularly with regard to serving combat troops who expose the reality, check out winter soldier :

and a look at the Military response to the original Winter Soldier :

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