Monday, 11 January 2010

What Copenhagen Climate Talks Revealed...

"Scottish Environment Minister, Roseanna Cunningham, says that "in a democracy the politicians can only lead so much ahead of the electorate otherwise they'll not only get voted out, but the lot that replace them will be even more wary of such policies. To whinge on about the politics is a displacement activity, a process of projection and scapegoat, unless we, as the electorate, first put our house in order. "

I disagree here. Rosseanna Cunningham is being a clever little 'spinning' piggy; (droll pun!) here's why.

I know that societal conditioning has a lot to do with the play of events, and that societal conditioning is intentional, as it is an industrial process, seeking to craft or produce predictable 'graduates' for industry and consumers for 'markets.. Marketing is the same, and both follow on from indoctrination, a religious necessity for the permanence of a church system or bureaucracy.

That both politicians and public alike are subject to the conditioning is obvious. No child left behind. That one lot (seriously corrupt politicians, business leaders, religious power leaders and whistle blower activists) know more about the how and why that such conditioning exists, than do the majority, speaks to the success of the project; it remains hidden, a taboo subject. That sad truth, along with the continued concentration of vast wealth in the hands of the very few: its ultimate purpose! Maintaining the status quo - mirroring in perfect proportion the systems abject failures in environmental and social justice.

And it is these people, the rulers, the owners and the leaders, who are causing the most damage - they cannot blame an electorate because most of the time they make decisions without any powered input or consent from that electorate; they claim 'mandate' by virtue of the number of votes, and little else - and many attempts are made, time and time again to get them off the hook.... like that quote above which came from a Roseanna Cunningham... like Tony Blair 'hand on my heart, Guv, I only did what I thought best' ...George Bush 'God told me.... : They do it themselves... and they always blame others ...

The electorate can never have a real voice or exercise any real day to day and long term power as long as Party Whips, Private Funding, no 'none of the above' ballot slot, absence of any re-call procedure, are allowed to stand : ... because once in power, politicians time and time make laws most people later wished repealed...and thus the pretension to democracy is demonstrated as the lie it is, and for whose good reasons...?

The rulers and industrialists are the ones who today determine much of the situation: they made the laws: they instigated the policies: they build the factories, they start the wars, they allow the continued pollution even when we protest: that factual lived experience must be faced up to, and given that we know those who control won't change: they like their sense of power too much – petition, protest and activism is NOT WORKING AT ALL on those who hold power and that's what Copenhagen has shown.

That’s what Copenhagen reveals to those with eyes and hearts to see past their hope.
Power and corruption go hand in hand, and thrives because those who exercise power in the top down manner do so absolutely, and those who submit do so absolutely.

How we change from Adverse Power powering the situation of our lives to grass roots decision making powering our lives is partly our problem. It always was. Voting always was a distraction. Decision making power is the issue.

None of this is to say that we do not have a strong sense of responsibility, that we are not creative and intelligent as people and that we do not have the ability to respond appropriately to that responsibility. We do. Far more so that any current leadership dares acknowledge. The myth of leadership is just that. A  myth.

What matters is organisation. At grass roots, local action level. The cumulative effect of conscious behaviour at grass roots  has within it far more power for healthy change than any led system.

How we bring the existing systems under grass roots control is our problem. How we re-humanise and naturalise our societies is our problem. And we are the answer. Ourselves and our children. How they deal with it will be theirs, whatever happens...

And if we are even moderately successful in our own time, then our children will be the ones to carry on that process and perhaps their grandchildren will see the return of a culture of tool making human beings that is as varied, healthful and balanced as nature, as all life on Earth.... and improves the habitat for all life...

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Shaun Chamberlin said...

Thanks for this Cornelius, a much needed reminder.