Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Some thoughts on Sensationalist 'teachers' ..... and the truth that evil is banal, everyday, and not at all exciting.

I know the History of The Vatican, going back to when the first 'Official Christian' Church were 'allowed' in Rome - it was immediately co-opted by the system, and every church since then has also been co-opted, often willingly - the truth about Official Christianity, and Judaism from which it sprang, (along with Bhuddism, Taoism, HInduism etc etc) is that they have ever been about control, profit, power - and the only assured way of keeping all these three is to abuse people into compliance; those that refuse are murdered.

It constantly surprises me when people 'discover' what is well known by those who survive ....

It's not as though any of this info is hidden, or even obscure.

Jordan Maxwell and others like him are effectively jumping on the bandwagon, as are many 'teachers'... who promote fear rather than courage and clarity.... whose books do well, whose shows do well etc etc... all the while the survivors work pretty much on their own.....

None of them ever talk about their own experiences as children, the primary dataset of any survivor.

Lots of people, an I used to be one of them, are fascinated by this kind of info, the boogie man.... Evil is banal, normal, basic and not at all exciting... and I wanted to avoid that experience of evil in my own life....

But hey, most people think children are not naturally intelligent, (that they need to be taught) not naturally creative (they can be trained or some few are 'talented') and need to be told what to do, (or they'll go wild! ) and most parents see their children as extensions of themselves, and most people think slapping a child is ok.

Mist people in this society think human beings are the most intelligent form of life on Earth. 

Pure Bigotry.

Most people have NEVER done an honest appraisal of their childhood experiences. Not their fault, it's just that in an abuse dynamic it pays to avoid certain truths...

Most people have no understanding that the worst of the abuse is but part of a spectrum of abuse behaviours, and that without the gentle abuse that is all but invisible, that is 'accepted' behaviour, the worst cannot sustain.

I suggest reading some Alice Miller and some decent anthropology, especially first contact stuff to get a better picture...

Start here : 

Prescott, Violence and the Mother Child Bond

Hunter Gatherer Parenting, Children, trust and learning... 2 parts 

Alice Miller : 

You might feel I am taking a stern tone here, .... but if you really want to help Hollie Grieg, and other survivors of child abuse like her, (and there are far more than you would like to believe) you HAVE to understand the depth of this issue, you must do the work required, (some of it quite personal) and not fall for the sensationalisation that is currently a massive part of those campaigns... that sensationalisation is part of the protective shield that people are using to avoid looking into their own dynamics as part of this abusive society, and is why so many are trying to 'fix' things....

And the secrets hidden in each of our own personal dynamics are absolutely key to breaking the cycles - only the FULL truth can set each of us free enough to NEVER be co-opted by abusers in any form, be it gentle or severe.

Keep in touch.... make it less exciting and more banal, and then face the truth with courage and determination .. this is a long, long walk we are taking. 

Best be fully prepared.

Kindest regards 


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