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The biological processes involved in the Origins of Love & Violence are no longer a mystery

And if it's all new to you, I suggest this stunning piece of research as a starting point... unless one gets to the core root, then all attempts at making a healthy change WILL FAIL.

An Introduction by Michael Mendizza (from : )

A baby's developing body and brain mirror and reflect, lifelong, the emotional-sensory environment provided by its first primary relationship, that is with its mother.

The Origins of Love & Violence (please see below) take root in this first, primary sensory environment.

What we call "affectional bonding" or nurturing, or its absence-- very early in life--structures the developing brain to interpret the world and its relationships as peaceful, pleasurable and loving or hostile, painful and violent depending on trust or anxiety experienced in this first relationship.

The biological processes involved in the Origins of Love & Violence are no longer a mystery.

During pregnancy a mother's body provides the sensory stimulation; the taste, touch, smell, sight, sound, and the pleasure or pain associated with these sensations that shape her baby's brain.

The state of the mother's own body, in relationship to her environment, safe and nurturing, or unsafe and anxious, is mirrored in the baby's developing brain and nervous system.

If mother feels safe and is herself nurtured, her baby's brain, with its creative capacities, will reap the benefit. If mother feels unloved or unsupported, is threatened, anxious, and fearful, nature will give greater emphasis to her baby's ancient core brain, with its defensive and survival systems, at the expense of evolution's newer creative capacities.

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also this essay which draws together the most advanced research into this most crucial issue....

What you DON'T hear from the various voices such as Alex Jones, Noam Chomksy, David Ike, The Pope, Obama, Dalai Lama, etc etc are the VOICES OF THE CHILDREN... why is this?

What is likely is that YOU don't recall the detail of your childhood.

This is the missing data that is being ignored.

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