Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Trauma and Abuse Dynamics : A flow chart of sorts.

When a trauma event occurs two possible flows emerge, one is life enhancing, the other is life restrictive.

Those who resolve the trauma resultant feelings and experiences have restored their natural vitality, their flow, their ability to express authentically (since they do not shut down their feelings) and consequently are better able to respond if another trauma occurs; those who do not resolve the trauma resultant feelings and experiences WILL repeat the cycle of adverse control indefinitely as they become locked into behaviour patterns, many of which are un-conscious...

The roots of the perception of nature as a 'survival struggle' emerge from this dynamic, and are institutionalised, built into the structures of society as those who do not resolve the trauma resultant feelings and experiences WILL build that controlling psychology into whatever they create... 

Of course, it is obvious that it also serves those Institutions (Rulers) to convince others that nature is indeed a 'struggle for survival' because that is used as a justification for their behaviour..... such as 'extirpating' native societies, fighting wars, competing adversely... 

Breaking the cycle is the result of not so much as 'adopting' different behaviours (which mask the insecurity - and is to be found in the use of behaviour modification, outcome based education, punishment, religion, etc etc ); it is a matter of facing the feelings, experiences and perceptions that the trauma generates and resolving them so that one is able to respond rather than react, and that natural vitality, the 'flow' of feeling, of direct perception into the world is restored.

Thrivival and natural dynamic equilibrium converts solar energy into more abundant life processes, utilising Earth materials, to build more topsoil, more abundant life for all; 

Survival Modality seeks to coerce, to solidify and conform material reality to the self limiting perspective of those who rule (and for whom survival is always in question, in that coercion ALWAYS generates resistance) and do so for their own exclusive perceived needs - which are to to maintain control, to keep the feelings at bay.... yet, by ignoring the symptoms, by suppressing them, they bank more and more dysfunction and that can lead to one outcome alone; collapse. 

It might take some time, yet it is inevitable.

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corneilius said...

While it might look as though it's a closed loop, the resolution loop enables one to better deal with trauma events (which is why it feeds back in in this schematic) ... and when trauma events are not occurring the 'autonomy / empathy / appropriate response ability' feeds into the creation of the growing fecundity of the natural habitat.

And for the suppression loop, even if there is no trauma event, the 'learned' rules / 'the way we do things' keep feeding back into the desire to create a coerced security which reduces the fecundity of the habitat even as it appears that the security constructs are growing larger.

That in and of itself feeds more trauma into the loop. As we see throughout the Dominant Culture...