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Popes, Power and Native Peoples

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Been a good few weeks of Festivals, though I did not do as many gigs as I wished I had done.... nonetheless, the shows were great and with such variables, quite interesting.... lots of noodling was the order of the day at Secret Garden...

August will be busy... if not very lucrative..

Here's a heads up on some important stuff ............

Protest The Pope Film Festival, Telling Stories, Survivors Wisdoms

What will it take for those who are insensitive or invulnerable (for whatever reason) to accept that in fact to listen to the wisdom of the stories of lived experience and to understand the meaning of those experiences is a deeper Science than any other, and that those who are vulnerable, sensitive, connected are equally important in terms of information about life, and that non-acceptance creates more distress than anything else.

Anecdotes are information.

A mother’s empathetic bond to her new-born child.

Does it have to be ‘proven’ by Science? Is that what it will take?

In, fact it is now well understood that the empathetic child mother bonding is essential for the healthy development of every child; that this process is soft-wired in, as it is the expected biological route towards maturity and effectively the experiences that that process generates write the neurology and physiology of the child from in utero upon which learning experiences the child's entire psyche will rest. Their potential for violence is originated in dysfunction experienced by the child in utero, during child birth or in post-natal experience... and indeed throughout life, the healthy human is vulnerable.

What does that say about the Society these questions arise from within?

What does it say about us as people born into such a Society?

For too many years the vulnerable have been admonished to ‘be seen and not heard’.

Their voices erased from History, except as a foot note of economics, an anecdote on childhood past, hyped as heroes and hung for treason.

The victims and survivors: Hidden from History. Their abusers: Unrepentant.

Official history serves but one Lord: Apparently so too the Pope.

The Power.

Official History does not serve progressive Society, nor does the Pope serve justice throughout the Community.

How is it that it’s almost never said in public that Society and Pope are linked and entwined, and are both soaked and mired in the blood and lands of many, many, many peoples..

Both Church and State have claimed to be liberating Institutions. Power always claims a beneficent purpose to the exercise of power. And lies; every time.


You many not know it, but a world wide program of kidnapping the children of First Nation Peoples, carefully dressed as the manifestation of a ‘progressive’ policy move, with the barely hidden intent of breaking the cultural cycles of the First Peoples and replacing those ancient way with a compliant version, a tourist version; and that this was carried out with collaboration from within the First Nation Peoples, driven by bribery and corruption, and was planned, implemented and maintained by both The Church and by the State, for over 100 years.

It’s absolutely well documented, after all it was often administered by vast bureaucracies with efficient record keeping; indeed there is no longer a denial of the practice as policy.

What occurs by way of effective public relations performed by Governments of Colonialised lands and peoples are generally show-pieces,  carefully scripted, paid-for shows and rituals of ‘tolerance’ and ‘forgiveness’, of honouring the wounds of the past using ‘traditional’ rituals - some form of recognition,,,, - and of moving on, of some small compensation, of limiting claims by bureaucratic bungling or simply an avoidance of any responsibility as it really is.

The land ownership/stewardship, ancient ways, acknowledgement of a different way of life as equal if not in many ways healthier all round. These are not mentioned. Criminal Charges against abusers for whom there is sufficient evidence. These do not happen. Nothing happens.

There is no remorse amongst those who rule, and there never has been remorse for their policies and the consequences which many are forced to live, and for the ways in which they use power to such destructive effect.

Which is why the stories must be told, and the community at large must engage in this story telling… if not as a survivor, then as a witness.

And, if need be, a prosecutor.

Protest The Pope

You might not know this but The Pope is to visit the Queen this September. Kevin Annett will be travelling from Canada, where he has for the past 20 years supported the lives and the voices of those who survived the Canadian Indian Residential Schooling System, as will others from around the world who work to give voice to these stories, to confront the Pope, the State and the Church with their dysfunctionally adverse behaviour patterns, past and present.

To present for the perhaps first time in England a world wide exposure of the ways in which children have been abused by Church and State and how that experience is of our common history, a hidden history.

Survivors of State and Church Residential School Systems from many nations will present their evidence, and will quote much more documented evidence of Institutional Abuse of Children as Policy at the State level and within the Churches during a period of 100 years, with some similar Residential Schools with similar issues extant, as Christian and other Missionaries operate in or near Minority Native Peoples…..

And that these practices being common across the globe constitute a crime against humanity of the most serious nature, and require full disclosure, accountability, remorse and reparations as well as a fundamental examination of the nature of hierarchy and its future as a human societal model.

Kevin Annett is, like many others, seeking only resolution, the exercise of justice and finally, the freedom to heal, and to live good lives as natural people.

Kevin Annett will be presenting his documentary “Unrepentant” in London at …… and I highly recommend attending. The film is beautiful, albeit shocking, for there is a start to the healing in the telling of these stories of loss and woundings. There is a strident challenge to Society in the voices that are heard, and one can hear and feel the strength of those people, who intend to see this process through, expressed in the documentary.

One event to recommend is this :

Protest the Pope
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square , London WC1R 4RL

Monday 13 September – Thursday 16 September

Kevin Annett is an inspiring speaker, gentle, compassionate, determined, impolite, at times funny and insightful; clear as a bell he explores what the Hidden History means for us all and shows a clear path towards resolution and justice.

Here Kevin speaks outside the Catholic Cathedral in London on the issues outlined above.

The website is the main website for Kevin’s work.

You will find the full story, plus be able to keep upto date with Kevins work…..

That's all, as that's more than enough to be getting on with!

Seriously, don't take it toooo seriously, just be aware and share the stories... there's a lot of work to be doing.....

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