Thursday, 16 December 2010

Conditioning, the plastic brain and effective change.....

For many years I have watched, initially within myself, then with others, how the conditioning we experience blurs our abilities to co-operate, to seek truthfully and honestly for understanding; I have watched as we 'debate' and exclude rather than share and explore; I have watched as we repeat the basic thoughts we have been most deeply conditioned to think with - such as the man/woman divide based on difference, the misunderstanding of the very nature and depth of Power Relationships because we have adapted to those Power Relationships in early early childhood....

I have watched and seen within myself how fear based rigid thinking undermines my accurate sensing of the world.

I am watching that now in others. I see how it is used in marketing, propaganda and I say this - it works, and it works because those who have not been able to see the fullness of conditioning, of their own conditioning, react in predictible ways that are written deep into their neurology, their physiology by that conditioning.

Informing each other is crucial...

1. Genetics is proven to have very little to do with psychology or character - it's all about how the child is treated - unless we know this and understand it we will repeat it, again and again, and again.....

2. There are no genetic female/male psychologies - it's all down to conditioning, and how we learn to relate... the brains of baby boys and baby girls are more or less identical...

3. Adverse childhood experiences are absolutely linked to emergent health issues in later life, linked to the emergence of addiction (from shopping to self-medicating), linked to obesity across all Society - most illnesses are pathologies that are the symptoms of abuse, trauma and adverse conditioning and are the results of the imposition of the systems or conditions we are taught or forced to accept and live within...

5. Neurology is NOT SET IN STONE - our brains, indeed our very nature, is responsive, plastic - but we are conditioned by fear to become reactive, rigid.... - the facts as to the awareness of babies, in utero and at birth and early infancy... and how they are affected by the mothers environment.


Collapse can to be seen in these terms - the collapse of the mind-set and psychology we have been infected with,not the collapse of Society or basic structures that support life.

As we free ourselves from our conditioning by Power (and that requires 100% ruthless self honesty, as much as honesty with others - we must know our own experience in some detail) Power has less access to our psyches....

As we refuse to replace one set of conditioning with another, we free ourelves - Jones, Icke, and all the other fear makers, those who  promote fear as the way of change or reason for change are part of that conditioning, whether they are aware of it or not.

Long term planning was the key to the success of the hunter gatherer societies...... daily action was taken with the long term in mind... remember that the hunter gatherer society was the most successful mode of human existence in terms of stability, health and psychological well being... what are the qualities of that way of life that made it so?

What are the keys for such effective long term planning? 

My take is that the key that matters most is empathy, biological empathy, that is to say the ability to 'read' the signals that come from the environment accurately and to be able to utilise that information appropriately.

I and many others are making the connections between conditioning and the kind of behaviour which is the outcome of conditioning which reveals the roots of evil and the with that the understanding that human nature is not evil, (live backwards) that in fact our ...biology tends towards empathy as the basis for long term sustainablity of a society living within the natural habitat.

It is the disruption of the natural child-mother bonding processes (which build the neorology of empathy) that is absolutely key ....... hierarchy, power relationships, rigid gender roles all emerge from that lack of empathy because that resultant lack of empathy cuts one off from the ability to FEEL the world, to 'read' the signals of the environment in ways that lead to appropriate life nurturant behaviour, and that is a form of isolation and of course generates fear, and that fear then conditions the next generation.

The fear generates the perceived need to control others..

One can observe this procees by tracing the child-rearing practices of Civilisation and comparing them to the child nurturing practices of the natural societies.

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