Sunday, 26 December 2010

Let's make this simple.

The UK Government (and others, such as The Irish Government) has tried to draw a comparison between a family running it's household budget and the current Governmental Policies in it's communications to the the people.

Any family that does not look after the welfare of all it's members equally is a dysfunctional family.

So it goes with any given Society
There is nothing more to say on the matter other than  that this dysfunction must be acknowledged and confronted, especially by parents, on behalf of their children.

Indeed, it is the responsibility of an entire Society to do this, and that includes all those who are not parents.

So the question is simple.

Whose side are you on? 

Who are you 'with'? 

The rest follows. 

The same psychology that generates abuse within families, within Istitutions, is at the root of the question of Power, and Power Relationships. It lies at the very core of the System we have been born into.

It is THE REAL ISSUE = all the single issues are symptoms of that socio-pathic dysfunctionality as it is expressed in material terms...

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