Monday, 31 January 2011

Self Healing Tips : we can all develope our own according to our needs

I discovered this by myself one day, by noticing that there was nothing happening in the room I was in to drive the feelings and emotions I was experiencing, and it came to me that these must be old, past feelings.... feelings that little Corneilius had been unable to resolve (I had learned that my chidlren could resolve their own feelings if allowed to by calm active listening and empathic parenting.)

So I started to talk to little Corneilius...........

I started like this : "Little Corneilius, it's big Corneilius here and I am an adult, and I love you and I can take care of you and hold you safe. Can you talk to me about the first time y...ou felt this way?"

And then I let insights come, and I used art and writing and sound to express what came up, and recorded thses, and over time I noticed that the feelings and emotions became less intense, and that I started to grow through those ares I had stopped growing as a child....

I found that this could work too for areas where I couldn't feel - I would ask littel Corneilius to talk about the first time he had to silence or suppress his feelings and why.....

I did this regularily for about three years and do it now from time to time as I feel the need....

What this taught me was that it's possible to evolve our own self-healing tools, from our own insights into ourselves.

I also learned that little Corneilius would not come out until he felt it was safe to do so, and that it never worked to push little Corneiliu, that when he was ready was when he was ready and he was usually spot on.

I know from experience that it's always inappropriate to push the child, and it's most often for the adults needs rather than the childs needs that such pushy behaviour emerges. One of the things that made me push was Societies admonitions and shoulds. These are all external drivers of behaviour, and external motivation is always less efficient than intrinsic self-motivation.

Thios is what I call natural wisdom.

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