Monday, 14 March 2011

Empathy is absolutely knowledge based.

I spotted some comments on Facebook,  about a Picture, from the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, of a billowing fire and smoke cloud and firefighter’s  water spouts that were taken as tusks, red eyes, in the flames etc etc that ‘looks like’ an ‘angry’  Elephant.

There had been a few previous comments all of the same tone as the ones in bold type, so I chimed in…. and was deleted from that persons list….  within 30 seconds of making the last comment, which is fine…

>That one is even frightful! There are so many problems with purity in Japan... It is a cleansing

> Yes Mother Earth is certainly doing all this...Shri Mataji did say that all the natural disasters would stop when people turned to a spiritual life and came into ballance...

look! to us they appear as natural disaster to the Earth they are part and parcel of living processes... to tie them into Spiritual beliefs (invented spiritual beliefs) and judgement is simply rude...

The Cui Bono Logic test for BELIEF ( things that one reads about yet cannot test or prove) - ASK "who benefits if I believe this?" and "Who benefits if I reject this?" and "Who benefits if I keep an open mind on this?" then assess all the possible benefits.

> I feel sorry for them, even if they are blind, they must be so scared... it really is time now for the people of the world to sit up and take notice of the truth, and stop the accelerated head on collision with our own destruction... I was told today that in Japan they are very materialistic and into the acquisition of material things, blinded to spiritual life, I wonder where in the world will be hit next? in the run up to 2012

that's about the ugliest thing I have ever read - that the 'materilaism' of the Japanese people brought this upon themselves.... it's akin to saying that I chose to be beaten, sexually assaulted and psychologically tortured in my childhood to learn a lesson, or that Rapists are in fact Teachers and Women need to learn the lessons.

Your sympathy is devoid of empathy and betrays a Hubris...

----------------------  the other person deleted me within 30 seconds!  ------------

What I find, time and time again, is that believers of all kinds can demonstrate a callousness that is quite possibly one of the 9 wonders of the World.....

We KNOW that earthquakes come in cycles.

To ascribe the Earthquake to a Judgemental God (on whose side one is) and to emote 'sympathy' for those 'poor people' who have drawn it upon themselves due to their 'materialism' is actually very ugly.

This is the same kind of thinking or psychology that can hit a child and tell the child that "This is for your own good" and rationalise or justify all kinds of violence, in a good cause.

I also realise that I 'triggered' the person who deleted me, and pretty much shoved that persons attitude into his or her face, big time...

I could have been more subtle, and tried to slowly get him or her to think about it .... but some days I am just not in the mood.

However it serves my own purpose to illustrate the dangers of belief.

The Rapture.

The dangers of believers.

Lethal Homophobia.

The link between belief and lack of empathy.

"She was aksing for it!"

The link between knowledge and empathy.

"I know how you feel!"

Empathy is absolutely knowledge based.

"I know how you feel!"

And the biology proves it is so :

And of course the honest person who wishes to be helpful would say "I don;' know how you must feel, but can you talk about it?"

And underneath all of this is Power Relationships - the believer wants to retain Power over the situation, over the other person, rather than face their own powerlessness.

That is, simply put, selfish!

That's what makes this so, so ugly to me.

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