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Womb World…

Womb World…

Life in the womb is one of connection, empathy, gifting, receiving, responding, learning and awareness.

The developing child within is deeply, profoundly connected to the mother. They share blood, food, oxygen. The mother excretes the child's metabolic by-products. Cells from the child and cells of the mother dance
together as a whole.

This is the first environment we all experience, and we experience ourselves as connected, part of the whole and we are aware of ourselves and of the living intelligence, the biology of the mother as parts of
a whole. We are aware too, in the womb, of the environment of the mother.

We hear the sounds. We sense the feelings of our mothers. We meet the chemicals of the environment through out mother.

And environmentalist foetus would of course be urging the mother to do everything that is natural and nurturant, and to avoid anything that is un-natural or non-nurturant.

If the Parent or Community or Society is engaged in non-nurturant behaviours, the child has no voice and no real power to suggest changes towards nurturance.

Is there a correlation in the relationship between people and Governments, Environmentalists and Corporation and the dynamics of low or non-nurturant relationships?

The Biology of Empathy


If anything we adults need to learn again the natural empathic ways - from our children - because sadly, in this society, for most, we have no recall of the detail of our early years, which translates into lack of empathy for our smallest chidlren, which damages their empathy (unwittingly) because we are fearful when we do not understand, and so we err on the side of control to cover that fear......

Excessive control or lax permissiveness (neglect) is ALWAYS a question of damaged empathy.....

And it is transferred intergenerationally because of this memory gap - for we leanr parenting by how we were parented, and if that experience is forgotten at the conscious level, it remains for it is written into our neural pathways....

Luckily the brain is plastic, and we can learn again the ways of empathy, by being WITH our children, by talking with them as real complete yet small people - we can grow together...

Behaviour is NOT genetic, it is mostly environmental. Random Mutation was adopted due to Empire Logic and Arrogance, as the model of natural change, whereas we now know and can describe change as an interaction, a response, precise and directed, to changes in the habitat, to the signals the environment sends any living organism - be they bacteria (dealig with anti-bacterial pharamceuticals.....) or larger organisms...

This a child treated with respect grows to respect him or herself, and a child treated with disdain grows to feel shame and inadequacy.... though it's not a linear process, and some children respond in doffering ways such that for some they survive harshness, and for others the subtle undermines them.... hence the need for empathy in parenting, to spot those oh so subtle differences and not so subtle differences and take them into account...

Compulsory State Education, a homogenising process, makes this all but impossible, and this deepens that lack of empathy..... Religion destroys it almost totally, for it replaces the childs sense of wonder with and imposed sense..... this is the nature of mental slavery.

This issue runs to the very heart of the State System and Society.

The future will be defined by whether or not these issues are faced up to and dealt with; punishment that is abusive will not help; incarceration of the perpetrators, the spin doctors, the official deniers is a must; full accountability, reparations and the widespread sharing of the information that can help the victims and active support for the victims is a must.

None of us can afford to turn our hearts from these facts....

The Origins of Violence and Hierarchy

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