Friday, 8 July 2011

Thrirteen Points.... the hidden dangers of belief systems...

Thirteen signs that one has replaced what one has been indoctrinated with, with other similar 'qualities', all of which are unconscious internalisations of the messages of Power and the loss of self empathy..... well, 13 signs I experienced.... others might have experienced or may well experience more or less...

This is what I went through when I first 'ditched' Christianity - I took the same psychological memes (or hidden woundings), and applied them in different ways...

1. I looked outside of myself for a saviour.

2. I still felt shame at my own body, and it's functioning...

3. I still bullied my own children 'for their own good'.

4. I still feared some nebulous EVIL FORCE.

5. I still feared Nature

6. I still acted to protect myself from the fear based illusion that my after life might be in a hell like reality... I feared for my soul.

7. I still saw the world in a dualistic, simplistic way.

8. I still feared the Apocalypse.

9. I still bowed to Guru's and imagined Gods.

10. I still had difficulty enjoying myself, as myself.

11. I still lacked self empathy, for myself as an adult and for myself as a child.

12. I still feared Women.

13. I still judged myself unworthy of love.

I also spent many years replacing one set of BELIEFS with another set of BELIEFS, all the time lacking self empathy, trying to be 'good', avoiding the deeper layers of my conditioned self....

Quite a lot of the so called 'New Age' and many other belief replacements are made up of this.... the Emperor is wearing different style of clothing, yet remains in charge...

All this baloney 'spiritual enlightenment', when all that is really required is self empathy, for the here and now .... not some imaginary future.....

Does a tree need spiritual enlightenment?

Is a tree any less a child of nature than a human being?

There's so much of the New Age that is really the class room psychology in other forms. Tests, grades, approval..... yuk!

Be careful out there and avoid belief.... be with what you KNOW and have tested in some depth.

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