Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sinead, The Vatican and Power.

Sinead O'Connor blasted away with all guns blazing in the Irish Independent this week, in an opinion piece titled "We must destroy this nest of Devils in the Vatican, for Christs sake" where she writes "Our situation as Catholics now is that we can plainly see our church has been hijacked by liars."

The truth has always been there for those with open eyes to see. It has always been there for those who fell under the control of those damaged, socio-pathological power mongers, be they wee children or adults, be they Irish or Aboriginal. Our experience told us everything.

The history of with-hunting, king-making, land grabbing, of crusades and conquistadors, of colonisers and Inquisitors cannot be erased, nor can it be forgiven, at least not by those who did not survive, not by those who survived and have been so dreadfully 'responded' to, time and time again.

That dysfunctional, manipulative pattern of behaviour is revealed in some detail in the Cloyne Report, as it has been by the many, many other reports from around the Earth. What is perhaps 'new' is that finally one Government has recognised and accepted the truth, and is now committed to a course of action that ought to have been taken a long time ago.

I accept a persons 'faith' in as much as it is their personal choice. If an adult makes a rational choice to adopt the teachings of one or other sages, be it via writings or having heard the word, so be it. That's a personal matter.

None can, however, accept 'faith' as a mask, behind which the urge to power is hidden.

None can accept faith, if it seeks to impose itself on others, especially if it seeks to 'save' the world by that imposition - a position of ruthless arrogance.

None can claim faith if it has been indoctrinated into them as a defenceless child, for that is not faith but the result of adverse conditioning designed to instumentalise the child's body and mind as an adjunct to the imposers designs.

Ireland has a sad history, like many other lands, of the imposition of rule by force.

It is time to recognise the true nature of all entities which enable such use of force, whatever their provenance, and to cast them out, to reject them outright as disinheritors of the natural, the empathic and the nurturant.

This requires prison sentences, civil litigation, and a permanent severing of all ties between the Governance of People by the people's will, and all Religious Structures.

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