Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Teachings or Experience?

We all have a choice : evolve our own philosophy and understanding from an honest appraisal of ourselves (including our 'upbringing', conditioning etc) or adopt someone else's philosophy and understanding.......

KARMA was designed as a concept to hold people in a profoundly abusive hierarchical society - in that one's condition in this life was the result of previous life times..... and that this could change over life times by 'appropriate' behaviour. Heaven and Hell function in the same manner. Rewards come after death. The fear of punishment in the after life leaves the adverse actors free to abuse in this life.... and to take a gamble (which is only a gamble if they too believe in heaven and hell, God and Satan - in fact Christians are Satanists in that they BELIEVE in the concept of Satan.....)

The ONLY truly nurturant appropriate behaviour emerges from our natural and biologically mandated self empathy which is the basis of empathy for others - and as indicated above, the disruption of the empathic learning or bonding processes is a core trait of ALL hierarchical societies, ideologies, religions etc etc etc... - empathy is biologically mandated - we know this because when empathy is undermined, pathology ensues...

Here's a flow chart of this process :

The child 'endures' mistreatment (being left to cry to sleep to meet the parents needs is a good and common example, Standardised Testing in Education another....) and has to suppress awareness and sensitivity to his or her own feelings to do so. Thus self empathy cannot develope, and with this empathy for others is undermined. This leads to a sense of disconnection (form that which nurtures) and that sense of disconnection leads to FEAR. That fear drives the urge to control others (and the world) so as to ensure perceived needs are met. When anything in nature is subject to control, it will resist. And this is where violence arises, to ensure that control.

The resolution, for me at least, was in finally developing empathy for myself as a child, (growing up in the situation I was born into, which I did not create) which helped me understand and resolve the fear and the control patterns, bit by bit, day by day, to slowly and assuredly release the pain and the fear by expressing it, and then to start to understand how the Societal Influences had affected my parents and all those around them. The two go together.... the personal is political.

For me, awakening is two-fold. I awaken to my true feelings and sensings, and I awaken to how Societal Influences undermine those true feelings and senses .....

Self empathy is key.
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