Monday, 19 September 2011

London Metropolitan Police Force Coercive Threat to Guradian to reveal 'Sources' ....

Letter to UK media....

To the Editor,

Regarding the recent move by the Metropolitan Police Force to coerce the Guardian to reveal it's sources' in the NOTW hacking story, may I suggest a solution:

ALL Whistle Blowers need to be protected by Law, and by Society, that is to say, by the people and by the Institutions that purport to serve the people. With the severest of sanctions imposed on those who threaten whistle blowers in ANY manner..... and for those that blow the whistle falsely.

This meets the requirements of Justice, Public Interest, transparency, honesty and integrity, and cannot impede anyone's human rights.

yours truly

Corneilius Crowley

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Phil Grahm Salt said...

I agree. The police should not coerce a Guardian to divulge its sources. Doing so will jeopardise the life of the source. I do not imply that the police will go after him. No, I trust our police officers. What I'm afraid of is that he might be the target of criminal syndicates.
London police special

corneilius said...

Whilst your concern might well be valid, (I have no way of knowing)it is also the case that corruption exists within the Police Force as an Institution, and we cannot be sure that all is well therein.

The point in my letter was more about the need to protect those who have evidence of malfeasance, so that they can come forwards with that evidence, in total safety, in the Public Interest.

In essence, given the dishonesty that prevails in Governance, in Corporate behaviour, we, the people, need some mechanism that protects and promotes integrity and honesty at all levels for our own protection.