Friday, 18 November 2011

The Bail Outs, Banking Fraud, Gambling and unelected Governments

With all that is happening, and happening fast - the Governments of Italy and Greece are now effectively an unelected, imposed Government, and populated by people who have been executives of Goldman Sachs, by 'economists' and technocrats whose conflict on interest is clearly weighted in favour of the banking system.

Whereas in Iceland this has been avoided by the determined action of the people ..... who put so much pressure on their Government that their demands were met...

The current Government in the UK is also effectively unelected, as the coalition was NOT voted for, but arranged behind closed doors, at a crucial time.

Here's a documentary that explores how the recent 'crash' was the natural outcome of policies of deregulation by Governments populated by people closely aligned to the 'Investment' Banking sector and the privatised Central Banking systems, fraud and unfettered greed.

The story of New York Governor and former Attorney General Elliot Spitzer's downfall is instructive, and well documented by the BBC Storyville Documentary "Elliot Spitzer : The Sheriff of Wall Street".

This documentary is clear, it is not overburdened with exotic detail, and it shows exactly HOW the current crash and bailout was engineered ..... worthy of a couple of viewings....

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