Monday, 21 November 2011

Self empathy is the source of Wisdom.

Self empathy is the source of any 'wisdom' .... because from there genuine empathy flows, and it is a genuine empathy that is not an absorption of others feelings and content, but an accurate felt, sensed perception of these from a place of knowing oneself, where one is.

Genuine empathy accurately perceives both nurturant and non-nurturant realities, and responds as needed. The prey flees, not merely out of blind fear, but out of knowledge. It's what legs, eyes, ears, the sense of smell are all for.

And it takes psychological control over people to ensure that people remain attached to a system, to hierarchically imposed values and judgements, when we could have run, or walked, or said "NO!". That psychological control is engineered through the internalisation of the values of the system, such that we become judgemental, moralistic rather than empathic perceptual. This engineering is done by indoctrination, by marketing, by abuse and by trauma.

So all 'teachers' ought to lead us back to ourselves, and do so with a deep trust that from there we will know where to go.

There is no religion or spirituality that is for all: each person is their own way of spirituality.

There is no ideology in Nature.

There is one ethic of life, and that is to nurture life for all life. That's what nature does and we have emerged from Nature.

That's how I see it.....

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