Friday, 6 January 2012

Dianne Abbots Tweet..... reveals more than one realises!

Had Diane Abbot tweeted "Power loves to divide and rule" she would have siad something that is truthful. Power is the issue, not race.... she might even have stimulated a decent discourse....

Race has always been utilised by Power to divide people..... 

But, being part of the Power Structure, Abbot is either incapable of , or unwilling to engage in profound critical analysis.

That's not to say that there aren't people who hold deluded views on race, (currrent Iran phobia?) and on difference, (Native Americans are 'savages', San Bushmen are 'primitives) and that there aren't those who hold such views are prone to violence. 

Such people exist - yet they were not born with those attitudes, they learned them... how did they learn them, and who benefits from such learning?

They are merely the product of a dishonest Institutionalsied Society, one which launches mass war against innocent people with what are KNOWN to be falsehoods and urges the people to carry on shopping, and so many of we, the people, do....
So, cui Bono? Eh?

Who benefits if we demonise the 'racists' whilst power tramples over EVERYONE?

Diane Abbot, and the Editors of The Guardiuan and other Newspapers, (and their readerships) would do well to read Paolo Friere's "Pedagogy of the Oppressed' and actually take some of it in. Though they'd very quickly find themselves unemployed if they did so and acted on what Friere wrote, which is truth and beauty, REAL power.... the power to become fully human.

I am appalled at the craven nature of this discourse.

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