Monday, 30 January 2012

Some recent thoughts.....

"We live in a sick, or closer to the truth, a wounded society. It is based on Power, and Power is based upon fear.

It flows thus: repeated trauma can cause a loss of self awareness, as one pushes the feelings that need to be resolved AWAY if one is unable to resolve those feelings, this leads to a lack of self empathy; self empathy is the basis for true empathy with others (human or any other natural organism) which deepens the sense of disconnectedness, from all that nurtures; this creates another layer of fear and with that a need to control others. ANYTHING that is natural will resist being controlled, and this is where violence emerges, to enforce control. Violence can be physical, psychological or emotional.

A communtiy that has been traumatised and is unable, for whatever reason, to resolve this dynamic, will become ever more controlling and violent.

This is the root of the hierarchically violent society.

The psychology of any given society is both revealed and perpetuated in how that society treats the children. Change that and we can change everything. Omit that and we will repeat the patterns of violence and control."
"Those who glorify war; those who go through it, to mask their woundedness; those who send men to war, to mask their guilt; those who know nothing of war, to mask their ignorance."
"In an empathic based community there are not so much 'bith defects' as different circumstances, different outcomes, which with empathy can be resolved. 'Defects' may just be a way of a conformist society avoiding the issue of how to deal with sych differences. A nurturant community cares for the most vulnerable, and intergrates vulnerability as a source of wisdom, among many."
If one is not one's parents best friend,then both have lost out. And our communities have lost more than can be measured."

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