Saturday, 11 February 2012

Syria, oh Syria!

All I can say of Syria is this. I know nothing of life in Syria, and I don't trust one word of what the mainstream media is uttering on it.

I DO KNOW that there are people, lovely, warm, vulnerable, open active, and that there are children and elders too, all of them so human. And that irrespective of 'politics' they will be the ones who are hurt the most of all of this. Again. It's nauseating now to me to talk of 'Libya', Syria', "Iraq', 'Afghanistan' and any other place that is labelled by some few in Power as a 'failed' or 'dictator' or 'axis of evil' or 'banana republic' State as objects, rather than places filled with real people, to talk of Britain or America (the 'bad" ruler states) and include all those people born there through no choice of their own as part of that same object, with responsibility for what that entity, The State, did? 

People we can so easily call the 'enemy'. People like you. People like me. Like our children. Our parents. Our grand-parents. Whole streets, estates, villages, towns, cities....

And I know too that their trauma, pain, loss and hurt is not a price worth paying to sustain the current dominant cultural paradigms. A price they did not choose for themselves. Who would?

It never was worth paying, ever. That 'sacrifice' is another false myth.

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