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The egg that YOU started out as, was alive in your grandmothers womb, in your mother as she lay growing and being nurtured there. Your cells are still live in your mother as long as she lives, along with all your siblings. This is the basis for the matri-lineal reality. Nature's cycles are incremental, not repetitive. Each cycle brings new growth, new wisdom or in the case of unresolved trauma, deeper woundings, some of which are so subtle as to be almost invisible. These are the dynmaics with which we are working with, as we act to change our world.
It is not a question MORE intelligence, but of naturally intelligent behaviour that nurtures life for all life. The illusion of MORE is crafted to segregate human from nature.
Thus, the womb is intelligent. The baby within, is intelligent. Birth is intelligence. Empathy is intelligence. Self-empathy is intelligence.
The existence of poverty is proof that the current Dominant Culture is a failure of the imagination and lacks true natural intelligence. The fact that rich people pay rich people to convince middle class people to blame the poor, the wounded, the damaged for being poor, wounded or damaged and that this strategy works illustrates that fact.
A truly intelligent Society would naturally nurture all life for all life.  
What kind of community do you wish to form, to live in, to bequeath to the next generation and beyond? This is a question for each of us to consider, for we have a responsibility towards our children, all of them. Even if we consider ourselves to not be parents.
The difference between anti-authoritarian and autonomous is that the latter does not define itself in relation to authority, but in relation to self as part of the whole, based on the psychology of biological empathy.
With regard to recent repeated reports suggesting that benefit fraud is a serious problem, estimate to 'cost' the taxpayer £1 billion annually - whereas Tax Avoidance by wealthy corporations who can afford to lobby Government (paid by the taxpayer) costs £15 billion pounds annually, it is worth noting that the bulk of the so-called benefit fraudulently acquired goes back into the ecomony in rent, food, etc etc and that the bulk of the £15 billion in 'avoided' taxes goes into swiss bank accounts or is otherwise hoarded, enriching a few already wealthy people...
In a similar vein, we could say that racism is evidence of conditioning, more than it is evidence of wickedness innate in people...

"We live in a sick, or closer to the truth, a wounded society. It is based on Power, and Power is based upon fear.

It flows thus: repeated trauma can cause a loss of self awareness, as one pushes the feelings that need to be resolved AWAY if one is unable to resolve those feelings, this leads to a lack of self empathy; self empathy is the basis for true empathy with others (human or any other natural organism) which deepens the sense of disconnectedness, from all that nurtures; this creates another layer of fear and with that a need to control others. ANYTHING that is natural will resist being controlled, and this is where violence emerges, to enforce control. Violence can be physical, psychological or emotional.

A communtiy that has been traumatised and is unable, for whatever reason, to resolve this dynamic, will become ever more controlling and violent.

This is the root of the hierarchically violent society.

The psychology of any given society is both revealed and perpetuated in how that society treats the children. Change that and we can change everything. Omit that and we will repeat the patterns of violence and control."

For the majority, and for sure the hard core Establishment of Mental Health Professionals, their primary task is to 'correct' behaviour so that it conforms to Societal prescriptions, rather than to help the person to become more fully human by understanding themselves, understanding the ways in which Society distorts the natural self, because to do that would be to blow the lid on the constant oppression of the natural variety of our psyches upon which all Power is founded.

Those who, for whatever reason, resist, are labelled 'incurable'... and they are blamed for their resistance to the 'help' offered, to mask the guilt and shame that is inherent in such offerings.

"Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do" - yet they do know, even if that knowledge is buried deep under layers of academic and societal conditioning.
An insightful talk given by David Smail, on the realities of schooling as an oppressive experience.    The Experience of School,
[In G. Alred & M. Fleming (eds). Priorities in Education. Fieldhouse Press, University of Durham School of Education, 1996]

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