Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What is Natural?

Every creature. eats, shits, and dies. and in all three processes materials are passed on to nurture more life for all life. That is nature.

Mome creatures when abused or stressed abuse or stress others. That's natural.

Most creatures, when treated well, will not do this. That's natural.

Some people think Dominant Industrial Culture is superior to nature. That's un-natural.

Some people think the costs born by those who are bombed, whose lands are degraded, whose cultures are made extinct are 'worth it'. That's un-natural.

Some people know that the Dominant Industrial Culture is toxic. That's natural.

Some people ignore that fact, due to conditioned self alienation, insecurity and adverse psychology. That's natural.

The Dominant Industrial Culture cannot metabolise it's effluents. That is un-natural.

The effluents of all other living process can be metabolised by natural processes. That's natural.

We have the choice to metabolise the adverse affects of our experience and conditioning and to make compost of those that nurtures life from the outputs. Or not.

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