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Bill Hicks, Maggie Thatcher and a decent funeral.

"All members of society deserve decent burial." wrote a good friend.

I agree.
Just as all members of society deserve a happy birth, a nurturing and playful early childhood, joyous exploratory late childhood to teen, in effect a healthy environment within which to learn as they grow in to mature adults who function as an empathic community, and so on.

Notwithstanding accident, illness or freak events.... in context of reality, here.

Without the grief and weight of a culturally imposed behavioural relational 'generation' gap, a psychic and physical misunderstanding which now exists,
as state and corporate and ideological policy which makes understanding, even of shared experiences, less likely between people within families.
For example, John Holt explained how state educational protocols and practices harms children in How Children Fail , which is probably one of the best books on the subject, ever!

In 'How Children Fail' Holt explores the adverse outcomes of compulsory state education are made more understandable, and therefore more preventable, from the child's point of view. Written by an empathic adult.

This experience is so far from the biological 'norm' - optimal health - of our aboriginal ancestral experience even to the present, where such societies are still living. And that experience is replicated at every level of the dominant hierarchical system, affecting all who live within it. 'no child left behind'.....

Most Statist style mothers and their children, as well as between grandparents and grand children, teachers and pupils, experience on a daily basis aspects of this lack of empathy, of understanding.

I call it Unconscious Statatism Experience.

It's most certainly not the human biological mandate.
"All members of society deserve decent burial." wrote a good friend. Once they are dead.

I agree.

All members of society also deserve clean, nurturing food, and a place to rest. The needs of life well met. As a shared ethic. Just the basics.

Oh, there's also this innate expectation that peace reigns: ALL babies have it more or less, it's an emerging sense, an understanding or an intuition that peace is more, much more than the merely the absence of war. 

Quite a lot more.

Including, as we noted before, a decent burial on event of Death.  Not before, That would be most indecent.

The feeder of life.
Life being the icing on this particular cake, death being part of the the base of it all.

We get one living chance as who we are, and to use it to nurture is biology winning. 

Some do. Some don't. You know who you are.

Perhaps more will do, in time. We can nurture more.

It's likely in as much as it's a biological mandate, optimum health.

Bury the dead. Take the piss out of Power while thwarting it's adverse behaviours.


It is appropriate to note any particularly adverse Official, or other persons or entities wielding power over people in ways that are harmful, at any level of society, community  or family, by taking the piss out of those people and entities, be they alive or dead, exposing their behaviour for what it is, or was and at the same time ensuring the performance generates a show that is side hurtingly funny. Even timeless.

Partly in the hope, on my part at least, that such accolades for IMPORTANT INSTITUTIONS AND PEOPLE SERIOUSLY FUCK THINGS UP would reflect a growing, broader, wider, well informed diverse and active dissent.

It might reflect the presence of an active people ethic capable of organising as a single societal actor, like a crowd source wave, an ethical flash mob if you will, consisting of an informed electorate and an honest judiciary, acting together, which might in time be so common, and thus thwart or deter to some greater degree behaviour by Power of a similar nature in the future.

Things ARE hard for so many people.

And it's not 'life' - it's the outcome of the hierarchical power relationship dynamic of people who live within what we call Society, where those with Power harm those without power, and then conveniently blame the powerless for their powerlessness.

Life is mostly nurture.

Decent Life, Decent burial.

Whatever the state of the economy.

Brian Blessed on 'Have I Got News For You' or BBC offered to help the economy, (always a solid conservative policy), by putting in a bid to make the coffin, for Margaret Thatcher's funeral. For £25.

The Blessed One told the audience that had once he worked making coffins, when he was quite young, and that he had made a few hundred in his time.

The whole first half of the show takes the piss out of the news of Margaret Thatchers passing (the news of it, the 'reporting' not the actuality of it) with some degree of spot-on-ity and I found it rather funny.

The show reminded me of the late Bill Hicks, whose hatred of the outcome's of Power never diminished his comprehension of the humanity, warped as it may be, that lies at the heart of all our lives. Even the lives of tyrants.

That grace enables the humour, and in good satire it does not dissuade dissent. It encourages it, feeds it non biased inspiration. It's a love thing, really.

Bill Hick's. Rest in Peace, bro!

"Life is but a ride.......... shut him up!"

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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