Friday, 30 August 2013

I Abhor War.

I abhor war, not because I love peace, which is true; I do. That's a no-brainer.

I abhor war because it causes hurt, harm and pain. All of these I understand in a visceral manner, a sensation, and in experience. I would not want to inflict on any other.

A person whose natural empathy is intact has no need of rules or morals, for they FEEL the world and their behavior is guided by that feeling, a full multi-sensory perception.

I would rather my response to war was REAL - based on the lived experience - rather than merely tout an intellectual or moral objection.

It's rather sobering to think that there are so many 'good people' in the Governing Structures of Power who, for whatever reason, set this aside and implement Policy. It is also very, very sad. Tragic.

Because it is avoidable. After all Human Behaviour is learned, it is not set in stone

The State and The Dysfunctional Family are the same thing, the latter being the root of the former, which is institutionalized, that is to say it is bound up in self preseerving Social Structures (socially operational organisations and their infrastructure) designed to mediate control OVER people, often justified by un-questioned or un-examined parental-like aphorisms, such as "This is for your own good."

It too conditions the children to adhere to the 'norm'. Kings, War and Glory are it's central myths.

Outcomes that are harm causing that are the result of actions taken to 'protect' the State are either ignored or justified.

No real reform emerges because the core issue, that of adverse behaviour patterns inherent in intergenerational psychological dysfunction is not yet recognised as working part of the political dynamic. 

Which it is. 

Of course.

If we want to change any of this we have to start at home, with our own children, and as they grow up, at School and at our own workplaces, so that a generation emerges that has broken the cycle of trauma and conditioning.

A generation who could move into those positions associated with Governance, a generation whose empathy is intact, a generation who could work with the grass roots, the people and transform how Power is mediated.

This is long term work, with the welfare of our great grandchildren always at the center of our deliberations and actions.

In essence we are tasked with healing, from ourselves to our communities.

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